20 Best Wireless Printers 2020, All-in-One inkjet and laserjet for Home, Students and Office

Wireless printers has 4 Categories.

  1. Inkjet Wireless Printers : It is used for high quality color document or photo printing. It’s cheaper in price than laser printer but it’s ink cartridge or costly than toner cartridges. Option available to set print quality. Both photo and textured stationery paper can be used. 
  2. Laser Wireless Printers : It could work more faster than Inkjet printers. It’s best for business as it can print at the speed up to 30 pages per minute for black text and 10 ppm for color. 
  3. All in One Wireless Printers : All in one means Multifunction. Those printers has all options like Wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity. Scanner, fax, print and copy capable all printers are all-in-one printers.
  4. Portable Wireless Printers : Those printers having rechargeable battery and can placed easily are called portable wireless printers. These printers are easy to carry anywhere outside workout. More helpful to print important document during journey or in other difficulties.

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