How to Speed up Windows 10 Shutdown – Also for 8.1 and 7

Getting bored on waiting windows 10 PCs shutdown speed and searching for how to speed up windows 10 shutdown. We are not talking about only Windows 10 shutdown but also for 8.1 and 7. Some of computer bootup before shutting down various time. And some of computer boot up during startup. Actually windows bootup is a process of resubmit(arrangement) of updated application files. At the time of working on our computer windows auto update a lots of files(only if your computer is set for default update necessary files). These are the files your computer restore before shutdown or at starting time. Windows this process is called windows boot up(windows booting).

The smart computer do it at once in a month or in a week when we(the admin) wants. But many computer still facing this issue on every startup and shutting. Windows 10 OS computers haven’t only this issue but others also have issue. In this post we will get solution how to Speed up Windows 10 Shutdown and startup time. Once again we inform you this method work for all latest windows 10 and earliest 8.1, 8, 7 and XP Operating Systems. You can also get some ideas from our previous post  20+ Steps to Speed up Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 Performance.

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Best Steps to Speed up Windows 10 Shutdown and startup performance.

Easy and best tweaks are given below to speed up Windows 10 Shutdown and startup performance.

Step -1):  By a click on Windows Start logo you will get search box. Just type ‘regedit‘ over there in the box.  And click on the first result(I mean on regedit).

Windows-10-Fast-Shutdown : How to speed up windows 10 shutdown
How to speed up windows 10 shutdown Performance.

Step -2): Now, you need to browse the address given below in under ” regedit”:-


Step -3): Here you will get two columns. In right side column under the name registry you will see “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” give a right click over it. As shown in the image below.

Windows 10 Fast Shutdown
Improve Shutdown performance in windows 10, 8.1 and 7 computers.

Step -4): In Edit string under value data there is a box just Type over there a number between 2000-20000 (2-20 seconds). Now shutdown speed of windows 10 computer is depend upon the numbers you have typed in this box. If you have typed lesser number your PC more faster will be shutdown. And the recommended value is 12000. I have typed “2000” as you can see below snapshot. OK, now, Click on OK button.

Windows 10 Faster Shutdown : speed up windows 10 shutdown

Step -5): The problem has been solved and your windows 10 shutdown speed has been improved. So, Close “regedit”.
Step -6): And restart you computer.  You have done it. I hope this tips was helpful in improvement of  Windows 10 shutdown speed in a simple steps.

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