[Fixed] iPhone Keeps Crashing – 5 Ways to fix iPhone Keeps Freezing or iPhone Apps keep Closing

Here we’ve fixed iPhone Keeps Crashing Problem. Learn these 5 Ways to fix iPhone Keeps Freezing issue. This is the place where we solve iPhone Keeps Crashing problem with images.  If you also ask what to do, My iPhone keeps freezing then follow the below tips to solve iPhone apps keep closing.  People say they were using perfect iPhone and suddenly it starts to crash or, suddenly crashes and shuts down itself. Crashing, freezing and App closing all these are the similar issues and will be solved by following these 5 tips.

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Crashing Problem

Have you been surprised to see a new branded phone keeps crashing? Don’t worry, it happens because of less storage space left, a lot of useless running apps or your iPhone has been old. OK, learn how to save your iPhone from keep crashing.

1-Way) Soft Reboot your iPhone

The soft reset an iPhone means rebooting. This is the process of normal restarting, it always helps in case of crashed apps or not working properly like – WiFi or other network. Rebooting an iPhone will make it free and speed up.

So, let’s reset your iPhone. You can reset your iPhone in 2 ways.

  1. By using power button: Long press your iPhone’s power button till it turn off then again long press the same button till it turned ON (Just or after some times).
  2. Using Power + Home button : Press and hold these 2 buttons until you see the Apple logo (may be for 10 second). Then release both keys.

iPhone Keeps Crashing – 5 Ways to fix iPhone Keeps Freezing or iPhone Apps keep Closing


Now the rebooting will start. Wait for it until you see the lock screen on your home screen. It’ll fix iPhone Keeps Crashing Problem.

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2-Way) Fix iPhone Keeps Crashing by Clearing Memory/Storage on iPhone 7, 7 Plus,   6, 6 Plus or 6s

If you’ve stored a lot of pictures, songs, files or apps then it may be a reason of crashing your iPhone. It happens because, there’re too much load than your phone can manage to keep. Also if there are too many useless apps are running in the background then your RAM will be very busy and the battery will drain quickly which results in an app keep crashes. The below steps will show you how to clear memory on iPhone;

Step-1: Double tap the Home button. If you see the multitasking app switcher then swipe up to all unworthy apps. It’ll close them permanently. If couldn’t see, do it again.

swipe an app on iphone to quit apps

Step-2. Also free up the storage from Gallery. Go and remove all the images you do’t need. You can get the old, duplicate, unopened and screenshots detector app from App store. By detecting and deleting them you can free up some space.

Step-3. You should also search and delete unlike songs or videos by connecting your iPhone to a PC or Mac.

Step-4. I don’t know why keeping unwanted apps? Just press and hold on all those apps one by one and press the “X” button to uninstall these apps. Also remove them if, don’t need. It’ll fix iPhone Apps keep Closing.

3-Way) Update an App on iPhone or Uninstall-Reinstall

If you are unable to open any of your iPhone’s app then better to deal with them in following steps.

Step-1. Is your iPhone’s iOS version up to date? Check and Update, if not.

Step-2. Also check for pending Apps and Update them from the App Store.

Step-3. Go to App Store and uninstall then, reinstall to all problematic apps.

Step-4. You can also uninstall-reinstall all the problematic apps through iTunes. To do it connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and start uninstall-reinstall error apps. It’ll fix iPhone Keeps Freezing.

Update an App on iPhone or Uninstall-Reinstall. iPhone Keeps Crashing – 5 Ways to fix iPhone Keeps Freezing or iPhone Apps keep Closing

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4-Way) Fix iPhone Apps keep Closing by Restoring Your iPhone from an Old Backup

Yes, if you’ve any old backup of your iPhone available then it’s time to take advantage of it. This solution is not for those who don’t have any old backup of their iPhone. Learn how to do it.

Step-1. Turn ON your PC or Mac on which you’d made the backup of your iPhone. Then connect your iPhone to that PC/Mac.

Step-2. Then open the iTunes on using PC/Mac.

Step-3. If you see your iPhone pages on iTunes. Then, in iTunes, look at left side and click on “Summary”.

Step-4. It’ll show all the summary and backup of your iPhone at the right side of the screen.

Step-5. Inside “Backups” you’ll get Restore Backup” just click on that.

Step-6. Now it’ll start to restore the previous stored backup on your iPhone and fix iPhone Keeps Crashing.

5-Way) Fix iPhone Keeps Freezing issue by Factory Reset Your iPhone

The factory reset of your iPhone can also fix iPhone Keeps Freezing issue. We recommend to try first all the above 4-ways but if couldn’t fixed then try this. But we also request you to make a backup of your iPhone before starting factory reset as it’ll delete/remove all the files and data on your iPhone 7 plus, 7, 6 Plus, 6, 6s or SE.

Step-1. Just tap of the Setting icon on your iPhone.

Step-2. Under Setting now tap on “General”.

Step-3. Scroll your screen and tap on “Reset”.

Step-4. Under reset you’ll get “Erase All Contents and Settings” just tap that.

Fix iPhone Keeps Freezing issue by Factory Reset Your iPhone

Step-5. After reset, it may ask your Apple email ID and password. So, enter both correctly.

Step-6. It’ll reset your iPhone and make a brand new. But please wait for few minutes because it’ll take some times to complete reset process.

Step-7. Now your iPhone will look as brand new.

Hope the above 5 solutions could help you to fix your iPhone Keeps Crashing problem. If couldn’t please take an appointment an visit to Apple repair center they’ll take good care of your iPhone. Check your all Apple Repair Status : How to Check Apple iPhone Repair Status Online.

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