3 Steps to Remove Holidays From Outlook 2016/2013 including Recurrence Flag Day of United States

Here is the 3 easy steps to remove Holidays From Outlook 2016/2013. We’ll also show you how to remove Recurrence Flag Day of United States from outlook Calendar. You can also learn from Microsoft  care that how to add and delete holidays on your calendar. But the problem is, this method (M. care) doesn’t work for many (including me too).

So, let’s learn the best alternative to Remove Holidays From Outlook including “Flag day” which may comes every week and every month to your calendar. Isn’t? If yes then follow this guide and fix it. This guide has worked for me and I wish the same for you.

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Easy Steps to Remove Holidays From Outlook 2016/2013

Step-1) Type “Outlook 2016” or 2013 in Search and double click to open.

Step-2) Now, go to Calendar of Outlook 2016/2013 and click on Month and check all entries.

How to Remove Holidays From Outlook 2016 2013

Step-3) OK, now select the holiday you want to delete then click the right button of your mouse. Here you’ll get 2 options –
i) Occurrence.

ii) Delete Series.

Selecting Occurrence will only remove the particular holiday day but Delete Series will remove all the recurrence series of that specific holiday from your entire calendar. So, select “Delete Series” as our purpose is to delete the recurrence entries of this holiday.

Remove Holidays From Outlook 2016-2013

Yes, you’ve done. After deleted the series (as shown above) you’ll see those repeated holidays has been removed and no chance to come again. The same method also works for Christmas and others recurrence holidays. So, let’s do the same for others. The process is same for all version of Outlook.

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