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Top Sites like Reddit of 2020

7) Digg

Digg is another Reddit alternative site with a cleaner user-interface. It has deigned with best categories and easy navigation where you can find your needed articles easily. It runs those articles on its home page which have maximum vote. The Digg is something different from other site, it’ll promote meaningless or filtered contents.

So, please don’t to Digg with such contents. The Digg have super collection for every genre. You have both option to connect with Digg either become a reader or a contribute to share unique and useful content.


8) Popurls

Popurls means, a platform where your can find all the trending News globally. If you are a Popurls reader the you don’t need to carry a newspaper with you, as it updates all the current events like :- Politics, sports, Education, technology, Wild life, fashion etc. with a easy scroll, only a click away.

So, no-prob where are you at a workplace, home or in journey, you can easy access to latest world news via your commuting device. By an easy drag and drop way you can customized your wished categories. It’s the best Reddit alternative.

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Other Sites like Reddit of 2020

9) ProductHunt

ProductHunt is a place where you can find the news about App, technology, product, etc inn various categories. You must visit ProductHunt before purchase any gadgets like :- Game, Smartphone, tab, laptop, etc. Here is no end of information about latest web designs, leading apps, technology, etc.

Search whatever in your mind you’ll find in one click. ProductHunt gives you a platform where you can also share your thought or participate in a discussion.

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10) 4Chan

The another Reddit alternative website is 4Chan. The most unique things which make 4Chan better to Reddit and other social blogs are : –

  • It allows you to post and comments just like Reddit without register yourself.
  • Anybody can post images.
  • Anybody can comment on others posted images too.
  • It has many categories like Japanese culture, recent and old Video games, Interests, Misc. and Creative.
  • Here you can also post adult stuff and cartoons and share. It’ll hide your real name for this activity.


Hope you could find your best Social news site better to Reddit and others.

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