[Solution]What is Intel Virtualization Technology and How to enable Intel vt-x and amd-v in BIOS (Intel i7 quad core, i5 & i3)

How to Enable Intel vt-x ? Generally we have to enable the virtualization technology extensions of system hardware in motherboard BIOS at the time of going to run any recent Operating System Software and applications. Mostly its recommended for recent windows 10 and earlier 8.1. These OS require vt-x/amd-v enabled processors in first demand to install them on your virtual machine. If your Computer(laptop or desktop) processor and assembled motherboard don't support this feature nothing can be do...

How to Disable Windows 10 UAC to Make my Computer go Faster – Also for OS 8.1 and 7

How to Disable Windows 10 UAC to Speed Up OS 10
How to Disable Windows 10 UAC ? The Full form of UAC is "User Account Control". There is very special use of UAC in Windows OS. But the Windows Microsoft Vista OS user can better understand it's value as it was in knowledge because of Windows Vista. It was in use at the time of admin approval prompts a dialogue box for each and every administration task. After that Every Windows Vista users started hating it and it has been hidden todays. Till then Microsoft has understood OS Vista's Apps Pro...

Tips : How to Core format Windows 10 Operating System Computer – including 8.1 and 7

Core format windows 10 OS operated computer system.
How to core format windows 10 ? Microsoft providing free install windows 10 Operating System Computer. And a lot of windows OS user also has been installed successfully Windows 10 OS on their computers including Virtual Machine, PC, Laptop, tab, etc. At the time when whole world is enjoying the latest Windows OS on their Computers it's sad to inform you all about some very serious issues about windows 10 OS. The bad news for the people were using pirated version of windows os and just upgraded o...