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We’ll suggest to you the best tips and tricks so that you can increase your IT information. We also share the new way of setting up a business in “Cute Business ideas” it’ll help you as your business advisor. As we all are Foodies so, you’ll get some top best “foodies blogs” here.

Our Story

We’ve been working in the IT sector for Nine years. So, we have complete Knowledge of technical issues in Mac and Microsoft. We also suggest cute business ideas to the new people looking for – how to set up a business in rural or urban areas. As of today, we have a platform to share our thoughts with all over the world. So first-of-all we want to thank all those who have made it possible, that we can share our experiences with you. We’ll always try to update our Experiences daily so that we can have a better attachment here.

Meet the Team

Our best team is always searching for easy to grow new Business ideas for villagers and urban people. Who are in search of “how to set up a new business” but have no idea. We also search for new Technical issues with Mac and Microsoft. It is because it’s our Hobby.
There’re two genuine reasons to believe in our team. First, we don’t suggest any fake business ideas and fake Tech Tips. We regularly publish any Articles after major their originality.

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ShyamaKaran Dubey


Shyamakaran Dubey is the founder of “Thinkalso.com”. I’ve written more than 150 articles. Enthusiast in Cute Business Ideas, Supporting small business quotes, Mac and Microsoft with more than Nine years of Online marketing and IT experience.

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Sonam Dubey

EDITOR and Writer

Sonam Dubey is an English writer and lives in a small village of Uttar Pradesh, India. She has completed her Post Graduation. And, has a fond for Cooking, dancing, visiting holy places, and writing. She loves to write Foodie blogs and motivational quotes.

Akriti Dubey

Business Adviser and Writer

Akriti Dubey is a Business Adviser. She has completed her MBA in 2015 and lives in Kolkata, India. She loves to share her thoughts about how to start a new business.

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We’re a group of Websites and also introduce New talents. People who can do something new or have unique ideas like to encourage them and help them to achieve their goals. So if you also have any Unique ideas, E-mail us.

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