Select Best Free Backup Software for Hyper-V Server & VM

[Top 10 Tips] How to select the best free backup Software for Hyper-V Server and Hyper-V Virtual Machine. Know what is hyper v and VMware Hypervisors. These top 10 free virtual machine backup Software will help you to restore valuable data. If you’re a student or Server Technician the How to Snapshot in VMware you can increase your Server Networking knowledge from this guide on how to select the best VMware Hypervisors. Having a solid knowledge of backup and restore software can highly protect your important business data from incidental critical crashes, deleted or cyber hacked.

Easy backup means restoring erased data, images, videos, etc. One of the main valuable advantages of having a solid backup in a private virtualization environment is, that there is no loss of privacy and you can restore it at any moment of time including midnight too.

What is Hyper-V Server? and Best Free Backup Software for Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V Server is a native hypervisor. Which is code-named Viridian and formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization. It can create virtual machines on x86-64 systems running Windows. We know to select the best backup software for the Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, and VMware vSphare is not easy. You’ll need a team of the best technicians in your origination. To consider your problem we are including some useful tips which can help you in the selection of the best backup software for Hyper-V or VMware hypervisors.

How to Select the Best Free Backup Software for Hyper-V Server and Hyper-V Virtual Machine

People are confused when they search for the best backup software. Because there is a lot of paid and free virtual machine backup Software it’s critical to search for the best. Selection of backup software must be the basis of the host OS, VM OS, the hypervisor, the applications running inside the Virtual Machine, environment(cluster/non-cluster), storage time, the storage uses/purpose/complexity, and the price of the backup software and providing support.

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10 Tips to Select Best Backup Software for Hypervisor

The following 10 tips will help you in the selection of the best backup software for the hypervisor.

1) VMs Operating System and Support of Host

Your backup software must support your running hypervisor operating system. Some supporting hypervisor OS is – Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V (v3), VMware ESXi-V or iV, or at-least Windows 2008 R2 (v2). You must check the host OS first because, in case of officially not supported some major or minor issues may occur during installing backup software, VM resources, or scanning the host server. Also, check the guest OS capacity because it’s highly important for proper backup and restore Microsoft Guidelines.

Best Free Backup Software for Hyper-V Server

2) Basic Complexity during Backup and Restore

The installing and deploying process of hypervisor backup software is very easy. The advance built-in database features of these hypervisor backup software have the best GUI installation screens. So, they don’t need any additional configurations during the existing setup of the hypervisor. But the installation process of some other software is very complicated. You should have the wide technical knowledge and complex topology to install them.

To work with this software you have to set up several servers, modification of some configurations, run a few scripts and some other components may also need to be installed. Don’t be in hurry a single mistake may hamper the entire backup installation solutions. Complexity interrupts the backup and restores the procedure. So, this procedure should not be in a difficult and complex format.

3) Backup and Restore Action Time

As we have already told you about the importance of time management during backup and restore action. It’ll teach you how to take backup in virtual machines in a short time. The backup time of a Virtual Machine can be set on the basis of technology, tweaks, features, and acceleration methods that the backup software uses. We’ll recommend you try its demo version. You may also use POC(Proof of Concept) of the backup software which will help you in the selection of the best suitable product for your VMware Workstation’s IT infrastructure environment.

You should buy the best backup software which can accelerate the performance of your Virtual Machine. Check this fastest backup software here. This software will allow you to take more backups most of the time you need, especially at midnight.

Best Free Backup Software for VM

4) Survey of Backup/Restore Technology

You should have a strong performance survey of backup or restore software. The survey, before installation, will save your time. If your decided hypervisor backup software supports all kinds of latest technologies and hardware products then it will definitely support your environment too. For example, Suppose you have hosted Virtual Machines on NetApp storage and the backup software also supports NetApp integration and its entire features (like LUNs, NetApp, Snap mirror, etc.) then you’ll surely enjoy the private cloud on your VMs.

Generally during taking for backup of VMs on Microsoft Hyper-v, most hypervisor backup software use Microsoft Windows shadow copy services. But they provide slow backup/ restore because they have several drawbacks.

The best solution is you must use VSS writer in storage level supporting backup software. It’ll amazingly increase the backup performance of the host and guest machines. VSS writer is a very fast and light-loaded hypervisor host server. Some software doesn’t allow 3rd party VSS writers as they have their own VSS writer so, first, check their capability before use. Here is the list of some hypervisors and their VSS writers. The restore option is much faster compared to the traditional snapshot method.

5) Awareness Features of Application and file Checking

The awareness of features of Applications and files is most necessary during the selection of the best backup software for Hyper-V or VMware Virtual Machine. The VMs backup software which can see inside the VMs and fast understand the running application inside is called application awareness Software. You can frequently use such software to perform product-level recovery in Virtual Machines(VMs). For example suppose you have a VMs backup of domain controller then, by using this backup you will be able to restore an OU and user from active Directory.

Suggestion: It works from Virtual Machine’s backup level. So, no need to install any kind of agents or clients inside guest VMs. Any moment of time when you need to protect your virtual environment use this useful feature.

A visual demo for you, when we used Veeam backup software for product(item) level recovery of the active directory object.

Best Free Backup Software for Virtual Machine

6) Easy Supporting Backup Destination

It’s highly recommended that you check supporting devices of your backup restoring software. You need to be aware of your purchasing or installing backup software and confirm that is it supports your existing device or will be used in the future? Trying to explain with an example, suppose you are using a virtual machine and wants backup data of customer and products of your existing tape library? Does your backup software support it? or iSCSI or NAS disks? or What about SMB share? Our suggestion is to verify the compatibility and flexibility before going to use or purchase.

7) The cost Price for Best Free Backup Software for Hyper-V

No doubt the cost price plays a major role when you are going to order or purchase any product. The price of the selected hypervisor depends upon the following features.

  • Environment size.
  • A number of virtual machines.
  • Supported hosts and other features.

These are the required features you’ll need in your backup software. If all these are added then try to purchase your backup software without any additional features with the lowest cost backup solution. Buying a high-end loaded features backup solution is not good. For those who are not going to use them today and in the future but paying a lot of money is an unnecessary expense in the IT budget. Select your product with the best market price but make sure are you going to use its features today or in the future?

8) Upgrades rules and Support Device

How fast the vendor can support you? What are their supporting promises? Which types of support are provided by them physically or telephone or online? Are the customer services protected at night? If you have satisfied with these inquiries then ask for validity, the best offer price and license renewal cost, and options. These questions will help you in the selection of your best hypervisor.

9) Monitoring Allowance and notifications

A  VMs technician also requires monitoring and notifications features. Some of the software providers too. Through the web portal, you can monitor the backup and restore process. With specific roles, you can also allocate access to other IT staff. Notifications features send notifications, emails, or SMS about the job’s success or failure. These are beneficiary features most useful for IT duties in the organization.

10) Dedicated Virtual Machine backup and Other Backups

Some additional features must be unhidden from this software with a hypervisor backup option. The best example, can your backup software is able to take backup of physical servers including physical file and folder locations? Explain in brief how about the backup of the backup server? Knowledge about these types of add-on features will increase the value of the backup software.

Hope these top 10 ideas could help you in the selection of the best backup software for your Microsoft Hyper-V2 or V3 and VMware vSphere servers. One-time investment, Lifetime use.

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