5 Best Walking Apps for iPhone & Android Smartphones in 2021

All these are top 5 Best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android, Smartphones. It’s good to walk for at-least 30 minutes in every 24 hrs. But there are some distance advice also set by doctors, in that case how will you know about the distance covered by you?

5 Year Best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android Phones in 2021

Yes, you can measure it, if you’ve a best walking app on your Smartphone. But how to know about best fitbit compatible apps? And how does a best Step Tracker App work? These are the questions about a best walking apps for iPhone and other Smartphones.

There are many bands available in market which tell you the exact distance covered by you on walk if, you wear it on your wrist. These bands are little costly but not out of reach. Oh! we changed our path.

Top 5 Best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

OK, come back to the best step tracker app which we can install on our Phone and get the result as band. These top 5 best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android, Smartphones are listed below but if you need a top best band, it’s here;

Having a best walking app for your phone is good, no extra money spend, and no extra load on your body. Good, so let’s have a review of all these top 5 best walking apps.

1) Google Fit

Yes, the first number of these top 5 best fitbit compatible apps is Google Fit. It means Google not only know your path but also know about your walking steps. So, let’s know more about Google Fit App. This app is designed to track many of your daily activities like : – Running / cycling and walking too.

Not only these three via “Google Fit” you can also set up goals, like walking 10,000 steps in a day.

2) Pacer Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

This app is also best for steppers only you need to install it on your phone and it’ll track your steps. It has an option to connect all the app users in your locality. So, you can join them and keep your walking with fun.

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 it’ll offer you 4 different modes, some are paid use and some are free. Pedometer doesn’t drink much of your phone’s charging.

3) Runkeeper

This is the oldest and best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android phone. It’ll show you the map and the weather condition so-that you can set your walking timing.

It’ll tell you all the timing you’ve spend on run / walk / jog / bike / etc. You can also set your goal for walk, run and more.

4) Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk is also a best step tracker app for all. It can track all your work like :- Running / Cycling / Walking / Gym workouts / Cross training / Yoga / etc. As it can speak so, it’ll tell you the way and warn about the crossings. You can use its “Routes” to find the nearest places to walk.

You can save your new path and share with all your friends. It can also Monitor your pules rate and analyze your Heart beets. So, this is a worthy app for those who are in training. You can share your workouts on FB and Twitter.

5) Run with Map My Run

It’s hard to tell you the difference between Run with Map My Run, Walk with Map My Walk and Map My Ride. All these apps are same in look and work. The basic use of Run with Map My Run is to track your speed. You can set your goal and go for walk / Do Cycling / Walking / Gym workouts / Cross training / Yoga / etc.

It’ll give you full report what you did all that day with your speed rate. This is why its under top 5 best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android.

Top Best Walking App for iPhone and Android Cellphones

All these are the best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android phones. You can get any of these top 5. If you don’t like a band these will be the best. The bands are also comes in cheap rate.

Some Other Best Walking Apps for iPhone and Android Cellphones

You can get a best band under $50.

One are listed in this page.

But if your love to have wrist-watch then get any of these app. We’re sure you’ll like these.

You can also check all the 5 once, and keep the best. But we’ve rated them here after checked. So, either go for one or check all.

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk.

Nike+ Run Club.

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