Easy Steps to Change Inches to CM in Word 2019

Easy Steps to Change Inches to cm in Word 2022: It’s too easy to change your wished measurement and all display units and images from inches to cm in Microsoft Word 2021 and other versions. It’s not the fault of MS Office but it’s set to default to measure and show all displaying measurement units in Inches. But if you wish to change them into cm (Centimeter), here is a simple guide for your help.

It is very tough to work on a measurement that is labeled in cm but by default, your MS word is set in Inches. You can’t create that exact size until you change your MS Word size in cm too. So, let’s Change Inches to cm in Word 2022/2021 and other MS words to work properly.

How to Change Inches to cm in Word 2022

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You’ve two choices either you convert all your needed units into inches outside then start working on Word. Or, change your MS Word setting into cm too and make this task easy in a moment.

We know it’s a very funny and innocent thought to change the outside unit’s Width, height, margins, and also the paper size into inches before starting working on word. With pleasure, we are going to follow the first suggestion.

Yes, we’ll follow the 2nd easiest Step to Change Inches to cm in Word 2021 and all other previous versions.

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Easy Steps to Change Inches to cm in Word 2022

Have a look at the below image which is showing the MS Word default size on Paper.

Steps to Change Inches to cm in Word 2021

Step-1) Open the MS Word and click on File => then Options. Do as I’ve also done in bellow img.

Convert " to cm in MS Word 2021

Step-2) OK, now click on Advanced => then Display options. As I’ve done below.

Easy Steps to Change Inches to centimeter in Word 2022

Now, change the unit size from Inches to cm (centimeters), as I did in the above img. Then Press OK to process.

Step-3) After the Pressed OK button all the measurements units will change into cm in MS Word 2021. Follow the same steps when it is necessary to change into Inches or another measuring scale.

How to Convert Inches to cm in MS Word 2022

Easy Steps to Change Inches to cm in Word 2022


All version of MS office is set in Inches and the process to convert them from Inches to cm is also the same. So, let’s follow the above steps and make it.

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