Apple Repair Status : How to Check Apple iPhone Repair Status Online

Check Apple Repair Status : This guide shows 8 easy steps to check iPhone repair status online. With help of attached images any Apple user can quick check repair status of iPad or iPhone. Your living country doesn’t matter in this online process. You can apply for an appointment at one Apple Store from your home country. And the good News is the Apple repair stores are all around us. So, submit your broken or damaged iPad or iPhone to get those repaired. After booked an appointment at Apple Store, you’ll have a meeting with them. They’ll analyze the damages and repair. So, learn how to Check Apple iPhone Repair Status Online Worldwide.

Steps to Check Apple Repair Status Online for iPhone and iPad 

The Apple Store repair charges depend on the model you want to get repaired. An iPhone is get repaired within 3 to 5 business days. After repaired Apple self send your device at your home. You can also check the repair progress of your iPhone. To check your iPhone repair status visit on the Apple Website and Log-on to the Repair Status’ page.

Checking iPhone Repair Status Online, Similar for iPad too

This method can be use for all Apple devices just like iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac computers. The model doesn’t matter. So follow and mark the steps given below.

Step.1) Visit to on your computer or mobile device.

Step.2) Now you’ll get a form with ‘Repair Status’ title on Apple’s website.

Apple Repair Status or How to Check Apple iPhone Repair Status Online

Step.3) Fill up the form asking, ‘Case or Repair ID’ and ‘Postal Code or Serial Number’.

What is Case or Repair ID and How find it?

The ‘Case or Repair ID‘ is the ID which is provided by Apple to you at the time when you requested for a service online or at the time of submitting your iPhone or any device to Apple Store for repairs. If not, check the E-mails received from Apple for your not working iPhone.

What is Postal Code or Serial Number and How to find it?

It may be your postal code or your iPhone’s (the device you’ve submitted) serial number. To know more visit at official site here.

Steps to get the Serial Number of iPhone 6, 6S, SE or 7 and 7 Plus.

The serial number of your iPhone can be found from these 5 places.

  1. The back of your iPhone.
  2. On the packaging of your iPhone in form of barcode.
  3. On the purchasing receipt of your iPhone.
  4. If not found, go to => iTunes Preferences => In the Devices tab.
  5. Still not found? Is your iPhone working? If yes, Just go to Settings => General => About.
Checking Apple Repair Status Online for Your iPadiPhone

Checking Apple Repair Status of iPhone

Step.4) If have got, go to => ‘Repair Status’ form => write down the ‘Case or Repair ID’ in its required text box.

Step.5) Also write down the ‘Postal Code or Serial Number’ in its required text box.

Step.6) If all done, go to => end of the form => click on ‘Submit’.

Step.7) If any mistake done, the form will force you to correct.

Step.8) And, if all was correct then the Apple Site will show your iPhone repair status online.

Now, it has been easy to check Apple repair status. Hope this guide could help you in the way of your search. This guide is not only for iPhone but for all Apple devices.

Check Apple Repair Status.

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