How to install Chrome OS on PC and VMware Workstation | Virtual Machine Chromebook | Chrome OS on VM

Virtual Machine Chromebook | Chrome OS on VM : This Google Chrome OS review guide will teach you how to install Chrome OS on PC and VMware Workstation. Chromebook Operating System on VMware. This same guide can be used to install chrome OS on Windows PC. Google Chrome Operating System can be easily install on VMware Virtual Machine and Windows Laptop/desktop. You may ask what is chrome OS? Chrome Operating System is a kind of computer operating Software developed by Google. It’s popular with a name of Google Chrome OS. Google Chromium is a useful operating system just like Mac OS X, Windows OS, Linux and etc. Some people also say it – Chorome, Google Chromium and Chromeos.

Easy install Chrome OS on PC

This Chrome OS user guide will explain each and every steps to install Chrome OS on VM. Here you can collect some extra knowledge about Chromium Operating System. In our review we found that there is nothing impressive in Google Chrome OS, only booting is too fast, because it’s similar to your Internet browser. Here you’ll see web based applications So, why not try the Google Chrome OS once in your VMware Virtual Machine.

How to install Chrome OS on PC and VM Machine

Let’s start the installation process of Chrome OS on VM. You may select one installation option from given two.

  1. Boot from USB.
  2. Or, use VMware image as vmdk file available for new Google Chrome OS.

Steps to Install Chromebook Operating System on VMware

Suggestion : Before going to Install Google Chrome OS in VMware workstation( means, before install Chromebook Operating System on VMware) you must take snapshot of your Virtual Machine. This guide is completely for testing purpose. Learn here how to snapshot in VMware Workstation.

To start installation google chromium you’ll require two basic tools.

  1. VMware Virtual Machine.
  2. Google Chrome VMware Image. Just download it here.

Google Chromium Installation Steps

1-Step)  The downloaded Chrome OS VMware image will be in zip file format. So, first extract it and save in vmdk file and follow the next step.

2-Step) Check your Virtual Machine’s configuration. Your VM should have the following configuration to complete this installation.

a) Guest OS – Linux.

b) Version – Ubuntu.

c) Memory – Minimum 1 GB.

d) HDD Size – Any Size (because there is need to use this).

3-Step) Now you have to make sure that have you have removed the Tick[√] in-front-of “Power on this Virtual Machine after Creation“, under “Customize Hardware“. This is necessary in some required modification before going to start the Google Chrome virtual machine.

4-Steps) Now, click on ‘Finish’ button and edit virtual machine settings. Just select the hard disk(SCSI) and remove the disk that was created during the VM creation. Take help from below image.

5-Step) Now, click on Add button => Hard disk => Use an existing virtual disk. To add the chrome vmdk file that was downloaded and extracted and make it one system hard disk. Take help from below image.

6-Step) Just browse the VMware image vmdk file(that was downloaded and extracted) then, click “OK”. You will see the final settings for Google Chrome OS on VM as looks below. The setting has been completed.

7-Step) When you Start your virtual machine, Google account will ask to login Google Chrome OS. So, check your internet and guest computer connection first.

8-Step) Wow! you have done. I’m surprised to see it’s awesome and booting very fast.

9-Step) Now, type google account username and password over there to login. After login you’ll see it was added ‘’ just after your username. Any problem during connecting internet from guest Chrome OS, you can use built-in user name and password.

User name – charming.

Password – charming.

Chrome os on vm.

The above exciting screen is look like normal desktop in other OS. Any difficulty you can take help of Google Chrome OS Demo video here.

Extra useful information about install Chrome OS on PC

Will Google Chrome OS run on my computer(Laptop/Desktop)?

A word answer : No. You can use it’s trial version but Google Chrome OS Package is only available for those users who purchase Google Chrome OS devices like – laptop and tablets.

No-one can direct download Google Chrome OS said by Google’s Pichai. You will have to purchase Google Chrome Operating System devices to use google chromium.

Chrome OS on VM.
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