[Easy Guide] How to Core format Windows 10 Operating System Computer

How to core format windows 10 ? Microsoft providing free install windows 10 Operating System Computer. And a lot of windows OS user also has been installed successfully Windows 10 OS on their computers including Virtual Machine, PC, Laptop, tab, etc. At the time when whole world is enjoying the latest Windows OS on their Computers it’s sad to inform you all about some very serious issues about windows 10 OS. The bad news for the people were using pirated version of windows os and just upgraded or free installed windows 10.

Since last two months everyone was in shock why Microsoft providing free install their latest product for all of us. But todays we will unhide is hidden story and the main purpose of Microsoft behind this free services. We also suggest you the best tweaks for windows 10 OS including windows 8.1 and 7.

But first of all let me explain the main issue of windows 10 OS. As the condition applied in entire application of Windows 10 operating System, after once updated any pirated version of windows to windows 10 we can’t core format windows 10 directly to the previous windows 8.1 or 7. And also Microsoft will block your computer( black desktop home screen) after some times if you couldn’t submit the correct key of your windows OS(previous or latest only for pirated user of windows OS).

Why Microsoft Block Windows 10 users who has just upgraded their pirated version of Windows OS?

To every windows 10 users want to know why windows 10 still require activation key for those users who has upgraded windows 10 from pirated version of windows OS. When Microsoft itself has announced that windows 10 will be available for all windows os users for free including pirated users too. The hidden story behind this purpose of Microsoft is for a long time Microsoft wanted to caught the pirated version users. And they didn’t have any way to caught them as their is a huge number of pirated windows OS users in the world.

Through windows 10 now Microsoft can easily identify those pirated users and will block them if they couldn’t entered the correct key.

What can be if I will not entered(submit) correct windows 10 key on my computer screen?

In condition of not entering correct windows 10 key Microsoft will block your computer(the desktop home screen will change into black screen and you will receive a massage showing “you are a victim of Software” please entered the correct windows 10 key). Also you will not be able to reinstall or upgrade your current windows 10 OS to previous 8.1 or 7.

Means, after once installed or upgraded your pirated version of windows operating system to windows 10, you will not be able to change your operating system if don’t have the correct windows 10 key.

How to core format windows 10 Operating System Computer?

Yes, there is still a way to core format windows 10 Operating System on your computer after blocked your windows 10 or not interested in windows 10. Have you forgot or still remember our oldest Windows XP? Surprised! why I’m I talking about that windows XP OS that has already expired by Microsoft. This is because if the windows 10 is disease then the windows xp is the all time medicine.

Core format windows 10 OS operated computer system

In condition of not formatting windows 10 by windows 7 or 8.1 you must try windows XP to core format windows 10. There is no other way instead of remembering expired windows xp to format blocked windows 10 OS. I’ve successfully format my blocked windows 10 OS by using windows xp. And happily inform you that their is no issue of using expired windows xp to core format blocked windows 10 operating System.

I could installed pirated windows 7 OS once again on my PC after formatted windows 10. And it’s running same as earlier before upgraded to windows 10. In some simple guidelines I’ll explain how you can core format windows 10 OS with the help of expired windows xp. Follow the instructions provided below. Format to windows XP and reinstall windows 7.

Steps to Core format windows 10 OS with help of Expired Windows XP.

Step.1 : To format blocked windows 10, 8.1 or 7 with the help of expired windows xp, you have to enter windows xp CD or USB Stick(Pen drive/USB Drive) in your computer after turned on blocked windows 10 normally. Doesn’t matter your are using Desktop, Laptop, Tab or windows phone. Then restart your computer and press any key when it ask”Press any key to continue formatting”.

format windows 10 boot from xp

Step.2 : Wait for a couple of minutes, you will see the first windows 10 formatting screen you encounter. There will be some options Press “Enter key” on your keyboard without wasting any time.

core format windows 10 Operating System

Step.3 : After 2-4 minutes you will see second blocked windows 10 formatting screen to encounter. Then press function key”F8″ on your keyboard without wasting time.

core format windows 10

Step.4 : Now, after just a 1-3 minutes the third core formatting windows 10 boot screen will appear on your computer. But you don’t need to encounter this boot screen. Press “Esc” function key on your keyboard. For more see the img given below. “Esc” because you are not going to repair your corrupted windows 10 OS, you are going to core format windows 10 OS. OK!

Core format windows 10 OS

Formatting windows 10 Operating System Computer

Step.5: And the fourth corrupted windows 10 formatting boot screen will appear. You will need to encounter this boot screen. This is your “C:/drive” or blocked Windows 10 containing (..):drive with other drive partitions. You must encounter this boot screen very carefully, because there are other drive too. So, select the “C: drive” and press “delete” key to delete the corrupted windows 10. And in next boot screen press “C” key create fresh C:/drive. Now you will get a chance to resize your C:/drive.

Enter your wished size or leave it for default size and press “Enter”. Now you will see again the same screen but now it’s new fresh C:/drive on your screen. Once more press “Enter” key to continue the corrupted windows 10 boot formatting.

Corrupted windows 10 boot formatting

Don’t be confuse to see image size it’s my C:/drive disk size = 4997 MB, your may be different.

Step.6 : If you have selected the c: drive partition correctly then then given below boot screen will appear on your computer’s screen. If not, then go back and select C: drive correctly otherwise press “C” to continue.

Format windows 10 OS

Core format Windows 10 Operating System Computer

Step.7 : In seventh steps you will get the option to select formatting speed. The commanded option is NTFS non-quick. Again don’t be confuse to see the image given below. In that image I choose the third party option that was wrong decision. So, choose commanded option is NTFS non-quick and press “Enter” key to continue the process.

formating windows 10 OS

Steps.8 : In eighth step you will see one more boot Screen asking for final permission. You need to Press “F” Key to proceed the formatting process.

Quick format windows 10 OS

Step.9 : In below screen shot you can see the formatting process has been continued.

Easy formatting windows 10 OS

Step.10 : After completed the process of formatting corrupted windows 10 OS, the XP installation process will be start. Let it to be completed.

Process to format windows

Step.11 : Now, your computer reboot several time to complete the full instillation of windows xp OS.Nothing to do it’s auto process, just wait for a while.

format windows 10

Step.12 : After competed the above installation your computer will ask to proceed in next step. Just switch to “Next”.

How to core format windows 10

Step.13 : In next screen just type your company or organization name(As your wish), I typed “Home”. And switch to ‘Next’.

Think Also

Core format Windows 10 Operating System Computer

Step.14 : Now it’s time to enter your windows xp product key. After that switch to “Next”.

Think Also 2

Step.15 : In Fifteenth steps you will get option to enter an admin name and password. Note : You must remember the password you are entering here for future use. Then switch to “Next”.

Think Also 3

Step.16 : Setup date and time Zone of your computer location and switch to “Next”.

think Also 4

Step.17 : Now select the network configuration setting. There are two option but we recommended to use “Typical” settings. After that switch to “Next”.

Think Also 5

Step.18 : Now switch to “Next” and take some rest because it will take 20 -30 minutes to complete. Don’t worry your XP installation is close to completed.

format windows 10 Operating System Computer

Step.19 : Leave the resting seat and some work. I mean if you get the black background containing dialog box you need to press “OK” in the box. This box is indication of the process is very close to complete. It’ll come two time both time press “OK”.

Method to rebuilt win 10 os

Step.20 : Now you will receive Welcome screen here you have to click three times on “Next” switch box. Read carefully and finish these basic quires.

Tips to format PC os

Steps.21 : Now if you know see image given below, then select at least one user name for your computer and switch to “Next” then again “Next”.


  • You have successfully formatted your corrupted windows 10 OS.
  • And formatted your C: drive.
  • And fresh installed windows xp.

How to Reinstall Windows 7 or 8.1 on Windows 10 Operated Computer System?

First you must read this guide : 

After core formatted corrupted windows 10 and fresh installation of windows xp you are permitted to fresh install windows 7 or windows 8.1 on your computer. So, any question in your mind among both given below, we will get the full answer here.

  1. How to reinstall windows 8.1 on windows 10 operated Laptop or PC?
  2. How to reinstall windows 7 on windows 10 operated Laptop or PC?

Now, turn on your computer if you have turned it OFF. Enter the windows 8.1 or 7 DVD Disk or USB stick(USB Drive/Pen Drive) after restart  your computer.

And follow the instructions to reinstall your windows 8.1 or 7.

Hope this guide was helpful in core format windows 10 OS and reinstall windows 8.1 and 7 on windows 10 operated computer system.

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