Easy Fix Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V if Failed while Starting VM

Fixed Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V on Virtual Machine. If you also see the popup Failed to Change state Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V then you are at 6right place here we’ll describe how to Fix State Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V if Failed on VM. Too many people are daily receiving this error message on Hyper-V 2012 R2 host at the time of starting the selected virtual machine. So, please don’t retry several times to start, it’ll not help you.

This is the Hyper-v Manager Error 32788 that You May Receive

Here we are going to suggest easy way to fix State error code 32788 and “Power ON” VM on Hyper-V 2012 R2. This guide also help on latest 2016 Hyper-V.

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How to Fix Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V if Failed while Starting Virtual Machine?

First of all we must know the reason of Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V and then we learn how to fix it.

1) Know the Main Reason of Changing Failure on Hyper-V

This error message is the result of the conflict in the VM configuration. It also happens when any connected host change something on their System, may be disturbed the virtual network switch. We faced this issue when one of our host changed the name of the virtual switch. Changing name was OK, but he forgot to configure it properly in the virtual machine settings.

2) How to Fix Failed to Change State Error Code 32788 on Hyper-V?

To fix it follow the steps bellow ;

  1. Go in Hyper-V console.
  2. Now open the settings of that infected VM.

There are 2 ways to enter and open the settings ;

  1. Either you can just go through the all other settings.
  2. Or, through Network Adapter settings.

But we recommend to go through the Network Adapter settings and search for any Configuration Error. As, shown in below image.

In our Virtual Machine we found that one of our old switch port is no longer exist (means not present). When we changed the virtual switch by correct Virtual switch and our VM has “Powered ON” without any errors or warnings.

You should also follow this guide if there is similar problem.

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