[Fixed] Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On issue? 6 Tricks Must Try

Let’s know what to do when Kindle Fire won’t Turn On the issue. These 6 Methods will help you when your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On. No doubt the Kindle Fire tablets are amazing products but it doesn’t mean that they’ll not face trouble. In the last some months Kindle Fire has made a lot of new users and also a lot of complaints registered in the Kindle Fire care center. The Kindle Fire Won’t Turning On issue is the most common issue of them.

Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On issue?

We know that the Kindle Fire is one of your favorite devices and you spend time on that like – watching videos, music, education, apps, etc. But what’ll be if it’s not working, feeling sad for your Kindle device. So, we are sharing the top 6 best methods which will help you when your Kindle Fire Wont Turn On.

What to do When Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On?

Follow the methods below and fix your Kindle Fire won’t Turn On issue.

1-Trick) Easy Reset Kindle Fire

Easy reset Kindle Fire can also fix the won’t turn on issue. So, let’s reset Kindle Fire through the power button. Just follow the steps below to reset Kindle Fire wont turn on issue.

Step-1) It’s like “Turning OFF” then “Turning ON”.

Step-2) Press and hold the Power button of Kindle Fire for 40 seconds.

Kindle Fire Wont Turn On issue

Step-3) OK, release the button after 40 seconds. It’ll be Turned OFF.

Step-4) Now, repeat it. Press and hold the Power button of Kindle Fire for 40 seconds to turn it ON.

If the start-up screen can be seen on your device means it’s Turned ON. And if not, then repeat 2-3 times with a timer of 40 seconds it may be Turned ON.

2-Trick) Plug-in to Charger Your Kindle Fire

Sometimes we forget about plug-in in our device to charge. So, if the battery is dead then your Amazon Kindle Fire won’t turn on. You need to plug it into a charger for a few minutes. Check after 20 minutes may it’s showing the charging animation on the screen. If you see, it means the battery was drained. Leave your Kindle Fire in charging for a minimum of 1/2 hours or fully charged then Turn it ON. But it can’t see the charging and the Kindle Fire won’t turn on, do the below things.

  1. Plug out your charger from the wall outlet and connect to a different wall outlet.
  2. If not worked use another charger.
  3. Do you have a battery bank? Try to connect, it may charge.
  4. Or, connect with a laptop/desktop USB to charge.

If it’s still not showing charging animation then repeat the 1-Method again but after left your device in the charger for 1/2 hours.

You can also get some idea from here – iPad Slow Charging Problem – 5 Ways to Speed up iPad Charging.

3-Trick) For 5th Generation Only: Tap “Volume Down” Button

This method only works for the 5th generation’s Kindle Fire but you can try and fix the Kindle Fire Wont Turn On problem. Do these things;

  1. Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons for 5 seconds.
  2. It’ll Turn ON your Kindle Fire.

The next method is for all Kindle devices which aren’t booting or slow.

4-Trick) Go to Recovery Menu and Reset your Kindle Fire

This is the care place and for advanced users but we’ll step-by-step guide, and you’ll also be able to do it. So, if your Kindle Fire won’t boot up or slow boot up follow these steps:

  1. Turned OFF your Kindle Fire.
  2. After 1 minute press and hold both “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons together for 45 seconds.
  3. Now you’ll see menu options like – “Wipe data” and “Factory Reset”.
  4. Here touch and select wont work because it’s the recovery menu. So, use the volume buttons to navigate this menu.
  5. Look at the color menu it’ll highlight during changes in selection.
  6. Keep Navigating till the “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option does not appear.
  7. When you see the “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option, press the power button to select.
  8. Remember this will wipe/erase each and everything on your Kindle Fire device and make it as New.
  9. Restart your Kindle Fire, after completing the factory reset.
  10. Now it must Turn ON and work fine.

Kindle Fire Wont Turn On (Still Not?)

Repeat all 1-4 Methods once more if still your Kindle Fire Wont Turn on then go for next.

5-Trick) Go to Recovery Menu and Install Latest Software

If your device starts but still hangs or is slow then go to Kindle Fire Recovery Menu to restore and install the latest Software. Do as below;

  1. Again follow the 4-Method(1-4 only) to get the recovery menu.
  2. After entering into the recovery menu use “Volume Buttons” to navigate for “Installing the latest software”.
  3. It’ll take a couple of or more minutes to be completed.
  4. Your Kindle Fire device must be connected to charging as it’ll take a long time to install the latest software.
  5. It’ll auto restart after completing the installation and you will be re-able to set it up.

6-Trick) You should contact Amazon Customer Support

In case still Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On the issue, we suggest contacting Amazon customer support. As they will take good care of your Kindle device. If your device is under warranty then they’ll repair or replace it.

And if not under warranty then also, they may be able to help you. But they may heavy charge on you.

So, in this case, our advice will be to sell this faulty device and buy a new one.

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