[Fixed] Windows 11/10 Computer Won’t Sleep

8 Tricks to fix Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep issue. If you are also facing Windows 11/10 Computer Won’t Sleep issue then you are in right place to follow these 8 tricks to fix it. At the time working on your Laptop or PC, sleep mode is the quick and easy way to keep your PC on rest without any data loss.

No-doubt Sleep mod is the best alternative to shutting down the PC. So, if you don’t know how to send a windows 11/10 computer on sleep mode or how to fix Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep issue then, here are the 8 Tricks to Fix it.

Why My Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep?

There are many reasons of Windows 11/10 Computers won’t Sleep like – any apps or driver issues. Follow all these 8 tricks one by one it’ll surely fix your Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep Problem.

How to Fix Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep?

This is the easiest and safe way to send your Windows 11/10 PC on rest and go for lunch or other work. This method won’t delete, shut or cancel your present work. You’ll find the pages opened when you come back again. So, let’s know all the easy tricks to send Windows 11/10 Computer on sleep mode.

Trick-1) Check the Power Plan Settings

To make changes, check the power Plan settings – Type “Power & Sleep Settings in Windows 11/10 search box. It’ll open the “Settings” page. Then click on “Additional power settings.

It’ll pull up a new screen showing the power option. Now click onChange Plan settings (in-front-of Balanced recommended). As done below.

Windows 11 Computer Won't Sleep

Now click on “Changed advanced power settings“. After that scroll, to your mouse and select “Multimedia settings” > then select “When sharing Media” after that make sure you’ve selected “Allow the computer to sleep. As done below.

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Trick-2) By Updating Device Drivers You can fix Windows 11/10 Computer Won’t Sleep problem

This is the most common way to fix Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep issue. By two ways you can update your motherboard’s chipset drivers.

  • This method is too easy – type “Update” in Windows 11/10 search box > Click on “Check for updates” > Wait for downloading completed > Then click on “Install” after finding the updates.
    How to update windows 11 and Why My Windows 11 Computer Wont Sleep?
    (Install will appear if your PC is set on automatic update under “services“). If you are getting an error after clicking on “Check for Update” then follow the below root and fix.

    How to fix Windows 11 update error

    Type “services” in Windows 11/10 search box and click on that > On the services page, Scroll for windows updates and double click on that > Then set “Automatic” under startup type > Apply > OK. As done below.

  • If 1st method didn’t work, then follow the 2nd  – Go to your motherboard manufacturer‘s site =>  Search for “detect your system and update drivers”. Nothing to do, the driver’s utility will auto-detect and update.

Trick-3) Power Request by Running Apps

Some software and apps keep, still running in the background after selecting “Sleep Mode” and prohibit our system from going to sleep mode. We need to check and close them. So, type “Command” in the search box then right on “command Prompt” and “Run as Administrator“.

Type powercfg –requests and Press Enter Key.

Power Requests by Applications

If you see the None means, No apps then close it and go for the next trick but if, anything else then close those apps.

Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep – Troubleshoot Continued

If the above 4 tricks couldn’t help, go for next and fix Windows 11/10 Computer won’t have a Sleep issue.

Trick-4) By Troubleshooting Windows 11/10

Type “troubleshooting” in the search box, click on that. After opening the page, on the left side click on “View all“. Then search and click on Power.

Troubleshoot Wondows 11 wont sleep issue

And after that click on next to detect the issue. You’ll get the result as shown below.

And after that click on next to detect the issue

Trick-5) If Nothing helped, Disable Startup Programs

Any windows startup program or service can also delay or interfere with the sleep mode. So let’s search and fix them all. OK, Search for “System Configuration” in Windows 11/10 search box and click on that.

Now, select the “selective startup” then uncheck the “load startup items“. Then click on Apply and then OK. As done below.

Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11/10

Now restart your PC. If fixed the “Windows 11/10 Computer won’t Sleep” issue, then leave the page but if not then, uncheck to disable one by one each startup program to find out the real culprit.

Trick-6) If Again failed, Restore Power default settings

It’s more possible that you or somebody has disturbed the power settings system, in that case, you should restore it to default. It may also fix the windows 11/10 computer won’t sleep issue.

Type “Edit Power Plan” in the Search box and click on that. On its page click and save “Restore default settings for this plan. As done below.

Restore Power default settings in Windows 11

Trick-7) Still Not Fixed? Then, Restore Windows 11/10 settings

If none of the above tricks couldn’t help you then restore Windows 11/10 settings. Don’t worry, this method will keep remains intact all the documents and data. Type “Recovery” in the search box and click on that. Then click on “Open system restore“.

Click on  Next to open the “System Restore” page. This page may have many stored dates. So, select any previous restored dates on that you think your PC was working without any errors. Help pics are below.

How to System Restore in Windows 11 computer

On my PC it shows only one stored date but you could’ve many. So, select and click to Next.

Windows 11/10 Computer Won’t Sleep – The Last Trick

It’ll definitely fix Windows 11/10 Computer Won’t Sleep issue.

Trick-8) In Last We Say to “Reset Windows 11/10

If the above 8 Tricks couldn’t help you then at last we say to reset your Windows 11/10 PC. Don’t worry it’s also a secured reset, which means your all current files and other data will be safe. But respond when it’ll ask you to “Choose an Option“.

Type “Reset this PC” in the search box and click on that. Then on the right side click on “Get Started“.

How to Reset Windows 11 Computer

When you get a Choose option, always select the first option “Keep My Files“. As in below pic.

Reset Windows 11

Wow! you’ve fixed Windows 11/10 Computer won’t have a Sleep issue.

We are sure about it, you’ve followed or will follow all the above 8-tricks you’ll learn how to fix Windows 11/10 Computer won’t sleep problem.

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