How to Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit – in 5 Minutes?

How to Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit? With the help of these 5 steps, you’ll learn how to Get-Mailbox Size and Increase in Exchange 2016. Know how to increase Mailbox size from 2GB to more. Mainly Microsoft Exchange 2013 or 2016 comes with a 2GB default mailbox size for every user. But now you can Increase your 2GB default Mailbox size. People who work in the IT sector will need to increase their Mailbox size from 2GB to wished.

This guide shows you all the possible tricks on how to increase mailbox size in Exchange 2013 and 2016, in 5 simple steps. These tricks can be applied to all mailboxes (Home users or globally). Every common IT user can Increase their mailbox sizes with these tricks.

How to Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit

There are two ways to Exchange the 2016 mailbox size limit.

  • By EAC = Exchange Administration Console. Or,
  • By Shell.

It’s a very easy and on-time process but the people who are familiar with Exchange 2007 or 2010 will need to search for another option. With the help of EAC, you’ll be able to simply control, manage and modify mailbox settings.

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How to Get Exchange Admin Center in Exchange 2016

Go to Exchange Admin Center => Click on Recipient => Double Click on the Mailboxes => Click on Edit => Select one on which you want to work.

Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit

How to get Mailbox Size Exchange 2016

For Administrator  => Click on administrator (under Mailboxes). Here you’ll get all these options;

  • General tab => Here you can see all the activities like – the last logon, date-entry, last modified, etc.
  • Mailbox usage => Here you’ll see the last logon, mailbox size, etc. From here you can increase or decrease the mailbox size. To know how to Increase Mailbox Size go to the below tricks.
How to get Mailbox Size Exchange 2016

How to Increase Mailbox Size in Exchange 2013/2016

As you’ve seen in the above image the normal Mailbox size is set at 1.9 GB. But you can increase it any time when you (not only you but any user) need it most without paying any cost. OK. So, follow the tricks given below to fulfill this task.

Clarence: The Screenshot is taken from Exchange 2013 but is similar to Exchange 2016.

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Trick.1) We hope you know how to access the ECP of Exchange 2013 => If don’t know => Go to your web browser => type the mail server URL, also type /ECP at end of the URL.

Example: http://www.Your Mail Server URL/ECP

Tricks.2) Go to Exchange Admin Center => Click on Recipient => Double Click on the Mailboxes => Click on Edit => Select one on which you want to work. Look at the first image listed above.

Trick.3) Look at the left side of your screen => Select ‘mailbox usage’ => click on ‘More Options’ => Here you will all the options to set the mailbox limit as we’ve done below image.

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You can also set the mailbox using the size from the database limit setting. In our next step, we’ve included how to set the mailbox use size at the database level. From here you can do two things :

  • You can set the mailbox size.
  • And, ‘Customize the quota settings…’ => Yes, if you want any changes in the quota setting, you can do this here. You can set the mailbox size in GB or also Unlimited. And you’ll see the effect instant (faster than Exchange 2007) on both places Outlook Web Access and MS outlook.

Trick to Set the Mailbox Size in Database Level

Any change in database level (in mailbox size quota) will be auto-applied to all of the existing mailboxes which are on the database-based policies.

Trick.4) Don’t leave the present ECP => Also click and check the ‘Servers’ and ‘Databases’  tab => Here you’ll get some options to select => Choose anyone witch you want to set as global => Give a simple click on ‘Edit’ => Now you’ll have the database properties of the selected one.

How to Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit

Learning, How to Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit

Trick.5) If you couldn’t set the size in Trick-3 above then follow the below Trick.

In the same place on the left-hand side you’ll ‘limits’ => Click on that => Type your desired size in GB (Remember this size will auto-applied to all the rest mailboxes in your database) => Click on ‘limits’ and set the size quota for the particular database.

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Reading, How to Exchange 2016 Mailbox Size Limit

Now open any of your mailbox’s properties (To open them follow the tricks 2 & 3 above) => Go to the limit and check quota => If the changes appear means, you’ve done => If not => Wait for a while because the changing speed depends upon the size of database => If still not changed after 24 hours => Follow these tricks once again from start.

OK. Now you’ve completely done how to increase the mailbox size in Exchange 2013/2016. Not only for Exchange 2013 or 2016 but also for all other CU (Cumulative Updates) and major Service Packs.

Now, You Have Increased Mailbox Sizes

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