How to Root Honor View 40 pro Using Magisk Method – V40 Pro

How to Honor V40 pro Root using Magisk Method [Root Honor View 40 Pro] : If you’re an Honor View 40 pro (V40 pro) user and searching a root Honor V40 pro root guide then, it’s a right platform for you. People may confuse with Honor 10 and Honor V40 pro, both are different phones. And this guide is only for V40 pro (View 40 pro). So, if you’re a V40 pro user then it’s for you.

What is Honor V40 pro Root or Root Honor View 40 Pro?

Rooting is the process to customize an android device to experience various mods. So, once you’ve root on your honor V40 pro phone you can use it potentially. After that you can also customize it as a developer.

How to Honor V40 pro Root Using Magisk [Root Honor View 40 Pro]

Read full guide till the end then follow how to Root Honor V40 pro Root using Magisk.

Steps to Root Huawei Honor View 40 Pro Oreo Smartphone

Must Read : Rooting is a safe and very easy process but we and our site wont be responsible for if, anything goes wrong with your phone. So, please do it on your own risk.

What to Have for Honor V40 pro?

We suggest you to take a backup of your phone. It’ll help you to get your data back if any loss. Full charge your device minimum 90% to prevent switch off while root process. It’s must to download and install “Minimal adb & fastboot tool” on your Desktop. So, Download it from here. As, rooting isn’t possible without a PC so, go to near your PC with a working USB cable.

  • Now, Download Magisk Manger v15.4 | Download

Check your phone model and Download Stock Ramdisk img;


Step-1) Make sure Your’re Ready to Root Honor V40 Pro

  • Check, have you downloaded your own Honor model ramdisk.img.
  • Also check have you downloaded and installed Magisk Manger v15.4. If yes, then open it on your phone and follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Menu icon and go to “Setting”.
  2. Now give a single click on “Update Channel” and choose “Custom“. And type “” in custom box (right side). As done in img below. Then press OK.
  3. Now go to main Menu and wait the installation of latest Magisk v15.4.
  4. After complete it. Click to “Install” => “Select Install” => Tap on “PatchBoot Image File“. Take help from image guide.
  5. Now, go to phone storage => Load the ramdisk image file.
  6. Now nothing to do from your side. Magisk manger will auto do the further work like patching of image files.
  7. You’ll get all the “patched_boot.img” files in sdcard/MagiskManger. Go to this location and save the images in your PC.

Step-2) Use Fastboot to Flash Patch Ramdisk

Only continue this step if you have installed “minimal adb and fastboot tool” on your PC. The download link is given above. If, you’ve not done it then install it first, then go for next step.

  1. Go at installed location of “ADB folder” and open it. You can get this folder in C:\\ drive => ADB Folder.
  2. Now go to PC’s desktop and copy the previous saved file “patched_boot.img” and send to adb folder.
  3. Once more go in adb folder and click on black space inside this folder, press and hold “Shift” key + “Right click“. Then choose “open command windows here” or choose “open powershell window here” option.
  4. Now you’ll see a new command windows on your screen. Leave it, don’t close and take your device to boot.
  5.  This booting must be into fastboot mode by manual. So, Switch off your device then Press and hold the Volume down key + power key together. Both keys should be pressed at the same time.
  6. After complete the fastboot booting connect your device to your PC via USB cable.
  7. Now type this command;
    fastboot flash ramdisk patched_boot.img
    to flash the patched_boot.img file on your device.
  8. When the flashing end, once more boot your device by;
    This adb command;
    fastboot reboot 
  9. Once booting Done! Nothing to do. Enjoy your Honor V40 pro android Oreo mobile.

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Hope this guide could help you for Root Honor View 40 Pro mobile.

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