Track Your Child with Help of GPS During Out Door

It’s easy to track your child with help of GPS when she/he is on the way to School/Office/Home. Now, no need to worry when your child or family member is out of the home. On this page, we’ll inform you most useful apps and devices to track your dear one when she/he will be out of home or on the way.

These apps and devices are easy and very friendly to use. Only a few steps to set up and, track freely from home or anywhere.

Easy Track Your Child with Help of GPS During out Door

Follow these Methods and easily track your child with help of GPS when she/he is on the way to School/Office/Home. At first, we are going to talk about the top best GPS Tracker Apps which can be installed on your Android Smartphone or iPhone to Track your Child.

How Can You Track Your Child with Help of GPS when She He is on the Way to School Office Home

6 Steps to Track Your Child with Help of GPS

It’s very easy to Track your child with help of GPS. So, follow the below steps to set up a GPS tracker on your child’s phone, watch, or other GPS devices.

Step-1) Install GPS in iPhone or Android Phone

For iPhone: Go to App Store and type in the search bar “GPS tracker“, Scroll down the screen till you find GPS Tracker, Now, Tap on GET Next, Here type your Apple ID and Password (You may provide Touch ID).

For Android: Go to Google Play Store Type “phonetracker with friendmapper” in the search bar, Tap on it to install, and tap on Accept.

Note: All these steps should be applied on both phones (yours and which you want to track).

Track Someone with Help of GPS When they are on the Way to School

Step-2) Setup GPS in Your iPhone/Android Phone & Your Child Too

Now, open this app and tap to respond when ask Yes, Allow or Agree. It’ll ask you to open the GPS of your Phone, do it. Swipe right to left 4 times till you see “Create Account“.

How to Track Your Child with Help of GPS When She is on the Way to School

Fill up all the details and tap on “Create Account“.

Year best GPS tracker

Now, it’ll ask you to verify your email ID. To verify, go to your Email box and copy the “Registration code” (If can’t find it, check-in Spam and Junk folders) then come back on the previous page “Step-2 Enter Registration Code“. As shown above. Now Paste the code here, as shown below.

top best gps tracker

Step-3) Check Have You Done These in your Both Smartphones?

Repeat all the Processes on the Next Cellphone too (which you want to Track).

Step-4) Open the App

Now open your GPS tracker page and Tap on the “+” sign (You’ll get it on the top right corner of the app’s main page).

Step-5) Join Both Phones to Track your Child

Now tap on “Send Invite” from 1st phone to 2nd. Here you’ll need to enter the email ID of the person’s phone which you want to track. So, enter the email-ID and top on send. 

Step-6) Accept and Verify the Invitation

Check the other person’s Email ID and accept the invitation. If not find open the home page of this app and top on the “+” sign on the top right corner. Now enter the code that you send on that phone to verify.

After Verified, the GPS will send you the location of that phone and you can be able to monitor your dear one. Now you’ve learned how to track Your child with help of GPS.

Top Best GPS Tracker Devices Under $100

The top 3 best GPS Tracker Devices under $100 are listed below which you can buy and put inside your daughter/son’s school bag or in the pocket to track. These devices will also Track Your Child with Help of GPS. The full guide is inside the devices’ box.

1) Track 2021 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker

2) LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

3) ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

4) Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator

5) Garmin inReach Explorer+

The above steps can help you not only in the track of your own child but can also track any of your friends or family. So, follow the suggested steps and track your child with help of GPS when she/he is on the Way to School/Office/Home.

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