[Tips] How do I Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone iOS 14 and Earlier?

Here is the 4 easy steps to solve your question “how do I Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone iOS 14 and earlier”. Our today life is very fast. We choose shortest words in our message. The Autocorrect is a good feature but it disturb us when we type any short word. It happens in absence of those words, it doesn’t understand. There are so many short words used by us in our message which aren’t so easy to store in Autocorrect store. As, we need to save our time, we must know the way to take off autocorrect on iPhone. So, follow the guide and learn “how to Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone iOS14 or any other iOS”.

Easy Solved How to Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone iOS14 and All Earlier?

Writing fast message on chat with friends is a skill and we can’t stop. But it’s very painful when Autocorrect stops us and suggest new words. This action slow down our typing. So, we need to turn it off.

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How do I Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone 14 other iOS

Step-1) Go to “Setting” of your iPhone and open it.

Step-2) Now, tap on “General”.

Step-3) Now, tap on “Keyboard” (Option given there). See below image.

Step-4) Here you’ll get many options including “Auto-Correction”. Just swipe the button to take it off as shown below.

Now, you’ve done it!

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Here is Some Short Chat Words Which You Can Also Use.

? = I have a question.

1UP = Meaning extra life (online gaming).

?4U = I have a question for you.

;S = Gentle warning, like “Hmm? What did you say?”.

121 = One-to-one (private chat initiation).

Hmm for Yes.

: ( for Sad.

LMK = Let me know.

: ) for Happy.

143 = I Love You.

ILY = I love you.

NVM = Never mind.

IKR = I know, right.

GTG = Got to go.

OFC = Of course.

10X = Thanks.

Gn8 = Good Night.

Tc = Take care.

10Q = Thank you.

CU = See You.

2EZ = Too easy.

M2 = Me too.

2N8 = Tonight.

404 = I don’t know.

AA = As above.

AAR = At any rate.

ACC = Anyone can come.

ADN = Any day now.

AFPOE = A fresh pair of eyes.

AML = All my love.

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