[7 Steps] How to Enable Siri (With Pictures) What Can Siri Do?

How to Enable Siri? 7 Steps to show how to access Siri and what can Siri do. We have an answer to your question Can I talk to Siri? If you are a new Siri user or want to collect information about Siri then this is the right place where you’ll know, not only about how can you access Siri but also about what can you do with Siri too. The App Siri is a virtual auxiliary of Apple.

Having the 5 biggest features and 6 Access ways Siri will be reviewed for you in this post. Siri did not have such the biggest features when it was launched for iPhone 4S in 2011. But now it has been more powerful and will be the most after released iOS 15.4 with a smarter Siri in the fall of 2022.

How does Siri Help me?

So, first, we’ll learn how to access Siri after that what can Siri do. Besides Siri, we also have posted Top 10 Best Cydia Repos Better than iOS in our earlier post. The new Siri is not only too Smart but also has 5 such features, you haven’t seen till now. What are these? Have a look below but after learning how to access Siri.

How to Access Siri

Just tap on Siri App => go home by tapping on the ‘home button’ or ‘headset’s remote center button’. The access is also by simply saying “Hey Siri” but after enabling Siri. The following steps will show you how you can enable and use Siri.

Step.1) How to Enable Siri

Go to under ‘Setting’ => Tap on ‘General’ => Slide the toggle right (front of ‘Siri‘) to enable Siri.

How to Enable Siri

Confirm: Has the toggle turned to green from gray? If yes => Means you have enabled Siri.

Step.2) Ask your question to Siri through ‘Typing

Go to the home screen => Press and hold the home button for a while => Can you see a message “How can I help you with”? If yes => Tap on that and ask your question.

Step.3) Ask your question to Siri through ‘Voice

Take your headset => Press and hold the center remote button => Could you hear a chime? If yes => Start asking your questions to Siri.

Step.4) How to Enable Hey Siri

Go to under ‘Setting’ => Tap on ‘General’ => Slide the toggle right (front of ‘Hey Siri’) to enable ‘Hey Siri‘.

What Can Siri Do

Confirm: Has the toggle turned to green from gray? If yes => Means you have enabled ‘Hey Siri’.

Now Tap on ‘Set up now=> Speak ‘Hey Siri’ on your iPhone => Can you see a checkmark on your screen? If not => Repeat your voice ‘Hey Siri’ till you get the checkmark on your Screen => Again Speak ‘Hey Siri, how is the weather today? => Repeat till you get the checkmark on your Screen => Speak once more ‘Hey Siri, it’s me’ => Repeat till you get the checkmark on your screen.

If sound testing is done then you’ll see a message on your screen with “Hey Siri” Is Ready. If you could see this message on your screen => Tap on “Done” => Now you’ve successfully enabled ‘Hey Siri’ on your iPhone.

Step.5) How to Enable Siri for CarPlay

OK, just enable your CarPlay dashboard => Plug your phone into CarPlay => Press and hold for a while to the voice control button of your steering wheel => Keep asking your required questions to Siri.

Step.6) How to End your Conversation on Siri

Any time when you want to end your conversation on Siri => Tap on Home Button on your iPhone’s Screen.

All Done. Access has been Completed.

Step.7) What Can Siri Do or How to Access Siri?

The new Siri will prove its worth with some smarter features in iOS 10.

a) Book a Ride Through Siri

Through Siri, you can also book a ride anytime directly from your rider App like Lyft, Uber, etc. without opening the App via the ‘Hey Siri’ ‘voice feature. Enable ‘Hey Siri’ => say “Order an Uber” to Siri => You’ll have details of the nearest Uber car on your Screen. The same process can be applied to ordering food too if the Restaurant has apps integrated with Siri.

b) Search Photos Through Siri

The time of simple Photo search has been over. Now it is the day of Siri smart Photo search. It’ll work with apps like Pinterest and Shutterfly and will respond with phrases like showing my selfies from any particular day. Also, respond to your voice by showing me photos from my visit to any particular city, etc.

c) Send Payments Through Siri: How to Access Siri

Siri will also work with PayPal, Square Cash, etc. to transfer your money. Once you say to Siri to send money to a contact and it will send. For example => If I will say “send money to Stephanie through PayPal” or “PayPal Stephanie some money” etc. It’ll send.

How to access Siri

d) Do VoIP Calls Through Siri: How to Access Siri

We know many apps are using voice calls but you can also VoIP (voice over IP) calls directly from Siri too. eg: If you’ll say Siri “Call Jordon through Skype” or etc. and it’ll call. The biggest advantage here => You don’t need to go app like Skye or etc.

e) QuickType Through Siri

One more biggest feature is If your friend or relative or co-worker will ask your location or Email, etc. on a phone call => Siri will track and suggest you send your current location or Email to your friend. It will be able to scan your conversation and suggest a calendar entry based on your conversation.

How to Enable Siri for CarPlay

Fantastic! What would you say? Superb! or Smart Siri. Great Job. Well Done Siri, etc.

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