Easy Backup iPhone & iPad on iTunes/iCloud [5 Min]

Learn how to backup iPhone and iPad: Taking backup of your iPhone is must when you are going to change anything inside setting. So make a restore of your iPhone or iPad. Today we’ll guide you, how to take backup of iPhone through iTunes or iCloud. This knowledge of iPhone restoration will always help you whenever you’ll try to change in setting of your iPhone.

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How to Backup iPhone and iPad on iTunes or iCloud?

As we have told you the restoration is very important whenever you are going to make any kind of changing in your iPhone or iPad’s setting. So read carefully how to restore iPhone or iPad.

Trick-1) How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

The following steps will help you.

  1. Get ready and connect the iPhone or iPad to Laptop/Desktop.
  2. The auto process of iTunes will open itself your device’s page.
  3. Just look at left side of iTunes, go to under ‘Setting’ and give a single click on ‘Summary’.
  4. Can you see your iOS device information just right hand side of iTunes? Check.
  5. Now search for => Backups => Manually Backup and Restore.
  6. Under Manually Backup and Restore, give a single click on ‘Back Up Now’ it’ll start soon creating a perfect backup of your using device.

Trick-2) Make a Backup of Your iPhone or iPad

This is the second method to make a restoration of your iPhone or iPad.

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How to Backup on iCloud

Just follow all these 4 steps and make a backup on iCloud.

  1. Similar to above tap on setting icon on iPhone or iPad and go to => Settings.
  2. Now search ‘iCloud’ under Settings and tap on that.
  3. Then search ‘Backup’ under iCloud and tap on that.
  4. Here you’ll get ‘Back Up Now’. Now give a single tap on it. This option is will auto create a perfect backup of your device.

Wait the backup to iCloud time will depend on the data size of your iPhone and iCloud plan you are using.

iPhone Data Backup

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