[Tips] Block People on Snapchat (Delete) Remove (Block)

iPhone Tricks: If any of your Snapchat friends bother you and you can block or delete or remove them. Here you’ll learn how to Block People on Snapchat. Not only the people – Who were added by you but, you can also block those people Who have added you to their friend list. So, Make your Snapchat in a happy mood.

The most used App for sending Snaps and Pics, Snapchat also has the option – to remove or delete or block friends who are upsetting you on Snapchat. Snapchat will never ask you the reason for Blocking because it’s you right.

Why Need to Remove Friend On Snapchat?

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Block People on Snapchat

1’st Way) How to Block People on Snapchat

The steps given below followed, and learn how to Block People on Snapchat?

Step.1) Go to your iPhone’s App home => Open the installed Snapchat app.

Step.2) Look at the home screen of Snapchat => Yes, at camera viewfinder => In the lower-left corner, you’ll get a button Tap on it.

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How to Block People on Snapchat

Step.3) Here, you can see all your chat’s list => Search your that friend and Tap at his, her Name to whom you want to delete.

Step.4) At your friend’s chat => Swipe from left to right.

Step.5) After swiping => Can you see your friend’s profile? If yes => Look at the bottom => You’ll get ‘Block’ option.

Step.6) Could you see the Block option? If yes => Tap on ‘Block.’ Now you’ve successfully blocked that friend you want on your Snapchat.

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2nd Way) How to Block a Snapchatter who has Added you as a Friend in Snapchat

If you don’t like to be added by – An unknown person or – any particular addition by anyone then, you have the right to block them by following the below steps.

Step.1) Can you see the yellow color ghost icon just above of home screen of Snapchat? We mean the viewfinder of the camera. If yes => Tap on that.

Step.2) Here, it’ll show your profile => Can you see the ‘Added Me’ option just under your username? If yes => Tap on that.

Step.4) It’ll show you the list of those people who have added you to Snapchat.

Step.5) Here, your one Tap on any of snap chatter will block them => So Tap on that person’s name you want to block => After that also Tap on the gear icon. (It’s just next to their name) => Now Tap on ‘block’ option. Once you’ve done it! That person has blocked.

Congrats! Now you’ve learned the 2nd way of blocking a friend who has added you on Snapchat.

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I hope you could solve your Snapchat friend Prob.

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