[Solved] How to Change iPhone Name | Through iTunes and App Settings

How do you change your iPhone name? In this post you will learn how to change iPhone Name. This is basic but an identity of your Phone. After got a new iPhone, you need to customize it on the basis of your needs. Creating your iPhone’s ID proof by changing its name is must. It’s also needful if you’ve bought an used iPhone. Get 2 methods how to rename iPhone to change its identity. Without changing its name you can’t truly say it’s yours. As our previous tips have done, this iPhone Tricks will also help you today. So, let’s know how do you change your iPhone name.

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How do You Change Your iPhone Name?

These 2 methods will teach you how do you change your iPhone name.

Method.1) How to Change iPhone Name through iTunes

This method will show you how to change iPhone name through iTunes on your PC or Mac. As, iTunes is compatible on Windows PC or Mac. So, people who use iTunes, it’s more possible they also use it on their PC or Mac. Trough iTunes not only the name of iPhone but iPad, iPod also can be changed. How? learn from these simple steps.

Step.1) First go and connect your iPhone to iTunes installed PC or Mac through USB cable.

Step.2) If you have allowed auto iTunes open, it’ll open itself at a time you connect your iPhone.

Step.3) In case of not allowed robotic, as said in step 2 then manually open iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Step.4) After it opened, wait for a while till it connect to your iPhone.

Step.5) After connected => Go to top left of the iTunes Window => Under player button => Just click on the small iPhone icon. As shown in image below.

Continuing How to Change the Name of your iPhone

Step.6) It’ll reach you to iPhone’s page in iTunes.

Step.7) Have a look on the upper left corner of iPhone’s page => Can you see iPhone’s icon with iPhone’s current name? If Yes, => Give a single click on the name of your device.

Step.8) Yes, it will edit your Name bar => Now, just put you wished name here => Press enter button to save.

We are sure that after followed all the 8 Steps listed above you’ll be able to change not only the name of your iPhone, but your iPad and iPod too through iTunes.

Method.2) How to Rename iPhone through Settings App

This 2nd method for those people who don’t have iTunes installed on their Mac/Windows PC or don’t have access to a computer. If you have these problem then don’t worry through the setting App you can also change your iPhone’s name. So, follow these steps now:

Step.1) First unlock your iPad or iPod or iPhone.

Step.2) Just go to => iPhone’s home screen => find out and tap on the ‘Settings’ app.

Step.3) Under Settings => ‘General’ => ‘About’. Take help from below image.

Step.4) On About page => The first line => Here you’ll see the name of your iPhone.

Step.5) Now Tap once on your iPhone’s name, it’ll edit the iPhone’s name page => Now type your wished name => Tap on done, it’ll save all the changes.

The similar process are for your iPad and iPod too (any old or new version).

This is the quick way to change an iPhone name including iPad and iPod too. Hope this guide could help you or will help you in future. The people who have installed iTunes on their Mac or PC, these both methods are beneficial for them.

How do you change your iPhone name?