[Trick] How to Clean Coffee Pot with Bleach?

How to Clean Coffee Pot with Bleach: Here is the 5 best method to clean a coffee pot with Bleach. If you have a question or want to know how to clean a coffee pot with bleach then read this guide. Tips for the best Glass Coffee Pot Cleaner with help of Bleach, vinegar, and other harmless solute are ready for you. In this post, we have tried to teach you “How to Clean Coffee Pot with Bleach” with help of the best images. In our previous post, we have described How to Clean Coffee Maker with vinegar.

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How to Clean Coffee Pot with Bleach?

As I’ve told you, we have published 10 easy steps to clean a coffee maker and pot with awareness tips in our previous post. Recommended: check here. Just scroll down this page and learn how to clean pots with bleach. Sometimes people confuse it with “Tile”. So, please don’t be confused about to Tile of this page. Because answers are the same for all three titles.

Awareness: Direct use of bleach can harm your Coffee Maker and pot. Please use the only mixture as directed in this post. Read carefully then try, for the best response of coffee cleaner.

Method 1) Clean Coffee Maker with Bleach

Take 1 cup of bleach and sufficient cold plain water(2-6 cups as Needed depending upon how many coffee pots do you want to clean) and make a mixture.

Clean Coffee Maker with Bleach: Now take a filter paper and put it in your coffee maker(As shown in the below image). And put a cup of mixture into the coffee maker the same as you pour water. Now Switch “ON” the coffee maker for a couple of minutes. Unplug your coffee maker. Remove all the coffee pots from the coffee maker and wait for 20-30 minutes till it is completely cold.

Warning: Never put cold water just after Switch “OFF” coffee machine. Because many coffee pots are made up of hard glass but can be broken in pics. So, wait till it was cold.

How to Clean Coffee maker with Bleach

Then repeat this process once more but this time with cold water. It will remove all the impurities and coffee oils. Rinse the pot 2-3 times to make sure that there is no taste and smell of bleach. If there is! Repeat one or two times more the same process, till the taste and smell of bleach has completely gone. Finally, keep it dry to use later. Don’t forget to wash it after 10-15 days usually to keep away rancid coffee oil and other impurities. (For more details visit our previous post: How to Clean coffee maker with vinegar).

Method 2) How to Clean a Coffee Pot with Bleach

Clean a Coffee Pot with Bleach: To clean a coffee pot with Bleach make the same mixture as we told in the 1’st method(above). 1 cup bleach and 2-6 cups plain water(depending upon the number of coffee pots). When the mixture is ready then put it in the coffee pot and swirl it around. You’ll see the stains of rancid coffee oil and other impurities will begin to break up immediately. In addition, we suggest you scrub with a coarse dish-washing pad to speed up the process. But put the rubber glove away.

How to clean a coffee pot with bleach

Finally, rinse the pot 2-3 times to make sure the odor and taste of bleach have gone.

Method 3) With Salt and Ice

Clean a coffee pot with salt and ice: Take 1/2 cup of salt and crushed ice(enough to fill 3/4 of your pot). Now swirl the pot for a minute. As a result, stains will disappear. But this method does not give 100% results. We advise you to use another method from this page.

Method 4) With Vinegar and Water

Clean a coffee pot with vinegar and water: This method is famous as the “stinking method”. This is because it left a bad odor at last if hadn’t followed the process as guided. For the best guide on how to clean a coffee pot with vinegar, you must visit our previous post here:- How to Clean Coffee Maker with vinegar.

Hope you have got the full solution of How to Clean Coffee Utensils with Bleach.

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