10 Easy Steps to Clean Coffee Maker [with Images]

[Easy Ways] How to clean Coffee Maker Machine and Pot? Read this guide and learn the 10 best ways to clean a coffee pot and Machine with the help of the best images.

You must wash your Drip filter coffee makers at least once every month. Because used hard water and leftover coffee oils become rancid. We must remove these impurities regularly.

How to clean a drip coffee maker?

But my question is how do you clean a coffee maker and pot? Do you use lime-water and liquid soap or something else? Read all these 10 easy steps carefully and get the best way to clean a coffee pot and Machine.

Questions: How can I clean my coffee maker?

We have all the answers related to your questions and searches. So, scroll down this page to get 10 easy steps to clean the coffee maker and pot.

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How do you clean a coffee maker? Best way to clean a coffee pot and Coffee Maker

As I have asked you above that how do you clean a coffee maker and pot? I know some of you use lime water and another liquid soap. But here is the 10 Best way to clean a coffee pot and Coffee Maker.

1) Cleaning coffee pot with vinegar and other solutes

To make a Mixture take 6 cups of water and 3 cups of white vinegar(Reduce or maximize the quantity if your coffee maker and pot are big/small in size compared to the image shown below). One more question I want to ask you: When did you first time wash your coffee maker?

The solute(vinegar) and solvent (Water) quantities will depend upon how often before you have washed your coffee maker. Here are some mixtures quantities depending upon the time before you washed your coffee pot.

How to clean Coffee Maker and Pot?

How to clean Coffee Maker
  • 3-4 Years after Purchased or Gifted: make a mixture of 5-cups of vinegar and 5-cups of Water. (Stronger Mixture during cleaning a coffee maker first time after purchase before 3-4 years ago).
  • 1-2-Years after being Purchased or Gifted: make a mixture of 4-cups of vinegar and 5-cups of Water. (Little stronger).
  • 3-6 Months after Purchased or Gifted: make a mixture of 3-cups of vinegar and 6-cups of Water. (Average).
  • 1-2 Months after Purchased or Gifted: make a mixture of 2-cups of vinegar and 7-cups of Water. (OK).

(Other Mixtures) How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Denture Tablets and oz of citric acid?

To clean a coffee maker with Denture tablets and OZ of citric acid instructions are given below.

  • Take a full pot of water and 2-denture tablets. Shake well till completely dissolved. Because undissolved solute can make scratches on the pot. And, make the rinsing process lengthy.
  • Take 4-cups of lime water and dissolve 1 oz of citric acid in it then add 4 cups of cold water and Mix.
  • There are some coffee maker cleaners available in stores you may buy.

Awareness and Warnings: What should not do with Coffee pot?

  • Never move any coffee pots(made of tempered glass i.e. Pyrex brand) directly from heat to cold water. While most of all are much stronger than regular use glasses and can be broken into pieces.
  • Never use any type of soap(bath, detergent, or dishwasher) to wash your coffee pots. Soaps don’t remove oils clearly, it binds oils and also leaves a bad test after being used.

How to clean a coffee pot with vinegar?

  • Bleach can remove the color from the stains and leave cloudy staining on the glass. So, never direct use bleach and vinegar or any kind of acid. Because their fumes can be poisonous.
  • Using !! baking soda with warm water can clog and ruin your coffee maker pots!! If you’ve done this mistake then run white vinegar through your coffee maker. There is a 75% chance of resolving the issues.

 2) Now take a Filter Paper and Put it in your Coffee maker, as shown in the below image

And now, put the filter paper in your coffee maker. A filter paper seems like white paper(see the image below).

How to wash a coffee maker

3) Now take the mixture and pour it into the coffee maker as you normally add water.

Nothing special, take the mixture of vinegar + water or other you have ready and pure it into your coffee maker same as you add water(normally).

 4) Turn ON your coffee maker to run the mixture

It’s time to Turn ON your coffee maker to completely run the mixture, till 2 minutes. As a result, it’ll remove all the impurities and rancid coffees.

5) Now Discard (Remove) the filter Paper and mixture

Hence, through both filter paper and mixture. And make the coffee maker empty. Don’t wash with cold water. Follow another step.

how to wash coffee machine with vinegar

6) Let your coffee maker Switch OFF keep it at rest till cooled completely at least for 15-20 minutes

Now Switch OFF and unplug( Plug out) your Coffee Maker and keep it at rest for 15-20 minutes. Till it completely cooled.

washing coffee machine

7) Put Out all the pots from Coffee Maker

To follow another process put out all the pots from the coffee maker.

8) Redo all the Process

Once more but this time only uses plain cold water. No – vinegar or other Solute Needed

Using plain water in this process is for complete satisfaction that all the solution of vinegar and water or etc. has gone. We suggest you smell and rinse once or twice to make sure, there is no smell of vinegar left. If there is! then Repeat this process once more and make sure that there is no more smell of vinegar.

9) The Process Completed

You have successfully completed the process how to clean a coffee make with vinegar.

10) Enjoy the Hot Coffee after Cleaned Coffee Maker

Now enjoy your hot coffee with a cleaned coffee maker.

Please clean your coffee maker and pots for a minimum of 15-days regularly and avoid rancid coffee oils and other impurities.

How to Clean Coffee Maker
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