How to Clean Contacts? App to Delete Multiple Contacts

How to clean your contacts? Smartphone Tips: How to Clean Contacts? Now easy to delete Multiple Contacts With the Help of the Contact Remover App. Are you feeling irritated with the Duplicate Contacts Issue and waiting for a Contact Remover App? No doubt handling contacts on smartphones are very easy but the Multiple contacts issue has been a puzzle today.

We need to merge duplicate contacts but how to delete duplicate contacts? Don’t worry our this guide will help you delete multiple contacts. So let’s see how to clean your contacts(how to delete multiple contacts). Read carefully and learn how to merge contacts.

Today a Smartphone is not only a calling device but we save a lot of our required information and apps. We often tap sync and share to cloud storage and other Site’s account for example – iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, etc.

Why Need to Clean Contacts?

We do this for easy save and edit our contacts at a single place to sync it across all using Smarty devices like – smartphones, iPhones, iPad, or tablets. The benefits are whenever we change our phone we can easily download all our contacts and information with zero loss of data.

But a painful question for all of us what should we do if we sync from different accounts and get duplicate contacts?

How to Clean Contacts?

We often face this biggest painful problem. The duplicate contact issue may be because of having some contacts with duplicate names or unusual data inside of them for example Mobile number is in one contact and the saved E-mail address is in another contact.

In case of not feeling better or unable to handle those data one by one, we suggest you use these apps to delete all your duplicate contacts in one tap.

Delete Multiple Contacts With Help of Contact Remover App

The top best 5 apps are listed below to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, or tablets.

App.1) Smart Merge – To Solve How to Clean Contacts

Smart Merge is the top best apps to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone or iPad. Easy to use Smart Merge contains many features and is available in 15 languages including English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic. But the problem is you can only remove 20 contacts on your iPhone or iPad, for the rest you will have to pay.

The basic features of Simple Merge are finding and merging duplicate contacts, one tap removing contacts that are without a name or number. And put out all those contacts which are with similar names, duplicate phone, and E-mail.

best apps to delete duplicate contacts

App.2) Cleanup & Merge

The sharp working Cleanup & Merge is developed by Jie Wang to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone or iPad. Due to ads, its interface may not be as attractive as Smart Merge. But it’s perfect for its main job, deleting duplicate contacts. Cleanup & Merge’s have useful features like – detect and delete the duplicate contacts, emails, backup contacts to .csv or .xls and wasted information inside contacts.

It provides the same feature as Smart Merger. You can search and select contacts with no phone or name or fake contents to delete and merge duplicate contacts. It’ll not interrupt you to use contacts sources from sites like – Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Exchange.

App.3) ContactClean

The duplicate contact killer ContactClean has the lightest interface than the above two listed. So it gives its best in deleting duplicate contacts on iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, the contacts with similar names only can be removed for free, you’ll have to pay for its other feature. The interface works quickly when you merge contacts without going through different options. It provides a self-done option and auto-done option to merge or delete contacts, contacts backup, and email.

App.4) Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

The most popular “Cleanup Duplicate Contacts” is the best app to delete duplicate contacts on iPhones and iPad. Its updated version user-friendly interface is truly strictly grievance with iOS 9 designs. So users can use it freely without any difficulty. It doesn’t have any gimmicky(shadow face) features. It also has the features like – analyzing contacts, backup contacts, viewing contacts, and multiple contact sources like iCloud or Google.

The fastest in deleting multiple contacts ‘Cleanup Duplicate Contacts’ has the capacity to merge or delete more than 5000 contacts from iPhone or iPad in under 45 seconds only. It has an auto-running system in the background which shows all the duplicate contacts when we analyze our contacts that making it very easy to delete them.

App.5) Cleaner Pro: to Solve How to Clean Contacts

Cleaner Pro is the best-paid app available today. People who are inclined to pay a dollar for the Multiple contacts delete the app on iPhone or iPad will love it. Having all the features included in the above apps it is available in many languages.

Hope you could select your best app to delete duplicate contact on your iPhone or iPad.

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