How to Enable Intel vt-x and AMD-v in BIOS

How to enable Intel vt-x and AMD-v in BIOS: Generally, we have to enable the virtualization technology extensions of system hardware in motherboard BIOS at the time of going to run any recent Operating System Software and applications. Mostly it’s recommended for recent windows 10 and earlier 8.1. These OS require vt-x/amd-v enabled processors in first demand to install them on your virtual machine.

If your Computer(laptop or desktop) processor and assembled motherboard don’t support this feature nothing can be done to enable this. Because this feature is not an external upload it’s a built-in hardware feature.

In this Software Virtualization guide and How-To Tips, we are going to explain how to enable Intel virtualization technology (vt,vt-x) for Intel i3 and Intel i5 processors and the latest and oldest AMD-v for AMD processors. Means What is Intel Virtualization Technology and how to Enable Intel vt-x and Amd-v in BIOS (i3, i5 & i7).

There are different-different tricks to modify various motherboards and BIOS settings. And you will need to enable it whenever you’ll require to install and run a specific OS or required applications. It’s easy to enable Intel vt and vt-x Intel i7 quad-core and i5 and i3 or other upcoming and earlier processors but better to check the manual and follow our guide for intel quad-core i7.

Enable Intel vt x in i7 i5 and i3 Motherboard

How to Enable Intel vt-x and Amd-v in BIOS?

All the latest processors and motherboards support virtualization technology (vt-x/amd-v). If you have an old PC, double-check the processor model for this feature. Before playing around in BIOS, use the appropriate tools to detect the current VT-X status at the OS level. If it’s already enabled (detected by these tools), then no changes are required in BIOS.

How to search and Find Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-X) in BIOS? Or, How to Enable Intel vt-x

How to Enable Intel vt-x has been solved. You can find Intel VT-X under ‘Advanced Chipset settings’ in AWARD BIOS. Generally, in most motherboards, you can find this intel vt-x and AMD-v extension settings in advanced settings.

Intel Virtualization Technology in BIOS VT X

Once you have disabled or enabled intel vt-x/amd-v settings your system will recommend you to cold restart your PC to function correctly. Cold restart means shutdown and restarts after a minimum of 10 seconds. But for intel i3, i5, i7, or next intel and other latest having processor motherboards no need to command for the restart as they detect such kinds of changes and automatically do the cold restart. I used the latest version of the Intel i3 processors motherboard for this VT setting, and it’s performing best after restarting automatically.

How to Confirm Virtualization Technology (vt-x/amd-v) is Enabled or Disabled?

1) Intel is providing free utility for their users to see the result for which OS is sensing.

Free Download Intel vt-x detection tool.

intel utility Enable Intel vt-x

Once you have installed the utility on Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 computers, you will get permission to use and identify the various status see the image below.

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Intel Processor identification utility intelutility

2) If you are using an AMD processor you can Free Download the AMD-V detection utility from the AMD official tool site here and check out the status of AMD-V.

AMD V detection result

3) Microsoft is also sincere on this issue with their users and provides free tools for Windows OS running both Intel and AMD processor computers.

Free Download Microsoft auto Detection tool to Virtualize Hardware of both Intel and AMD processor computers.
This tool may not work on Windows 8.1 or 10. Because in many PCs it’s already built-in their hardware. This also can be explained, without these tools, Windows 8.1 or 10 users could not install windows 8.1 or 10 Operating systems.
There is a simple way to know the truth that vt-x/amd-v is already enabled on your PC or not. After downloading click on the tools to install and cancel the installation mean, just execute the EXE file. Now if you will receive the following Massage means your PC already contains vt-x or AMD-v tools.

Microsoft Hardware Assisted Virtualization Detection tool, Enable Intel vt-x

I’m sure one of these three tools will make enable your laptop or desktop computer to identify vt-x/amd-v support.

[Solved]What is Intel Virtualization Technology and How to enable Intel vt-x and AMD-v in BIOS  (Intel i7 quad-core and Intel i5 Processor and i3). Not talking about the i7 processor price. It was a solution for how to Enable Intel vt-x and Amd-v in BIOS.

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