[Tips] Find My Printer IP Address in Windows 11/10, 8.1 & 7

My Printer IP Address: Sometimes, you need to know how to find a printer’s IP address to connect your office or home printer? The cases may be different but, the requirements are the same – how to find the printer on the network? We want to explain with an example – Suppose your home or office printer is not working freely, and you want to install or connect a new printer or want to troubleshoot your existing printer.

In these cases, you’ll need to know the IP address of your printers’ to connect. That can find out in 4-different ways. And all those 4-tips for where is the IP Address Located on my Printer are listed below.

How to Find My Printer IP Address?

To get your Printer’s IP address, either you can take help from another computer or press some buttons on your printer and get the configuration page. But unfortunately, both are not so easy. Where you’ll need to choose that computer for help? The particular printers’ driver was already installed before, and there you’ll need a guide to print the configuration page.

This small guide will always help you in both ways. So, read and learn how to find the IP address of your printer in Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 without accessing the printer physically(at OS level).

Where is the IP Address Located on My Printer?

We suggest you have a static IP for your Printer Machine, and these static IPs never change. (Learn here how to get static IP for printer machine). Most of the network printers design with configuration pages printing ability. For that, you’ll need to read your printer manual and search out the button/or combination of buttons.

You can get it inside network settings in your printer manual guide. So, first of all, you must know – Where is the IP Address Located on my Printer.

4 Easy Steps to Find Printers’ IP Address

The four following steps can help you to find the Printers’ IP Addresses.

Step.1) Go to the control panel of the connected or previously connected computer. (remember it must be only the printer which connected with that computer). Now, view the printer’s settings. You may search for ‘printers’ in the search bar for a quick response from the Windows charm bar. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t have any charm barSo, you’ve to search for ‘Printers’ in the find option.

Now give a single click on ‘Settings’ => Devices and Printers. Take help from the below image.

Step.2) After listed out the installed(or existing) printers => right click on that printer which IP address you required.

Choose Printer properties from the long panel menu, Aware – the ‘Properties’ from last shouldn’t be selected. Take help from the below image.

How to Find My Printer IP Address in Windows 10

Step. 3) Under the properties box, click on ‘Ports’. You’ll see your printer’s network port has already been ticked here. So, select the port => click Configure Port...

How to Find My Printer IP Address in Windows 10

It’s an auto process to fill IP itself ( in this example). The IP you’ll see here will be just a port name, not actual. That’ll be different, see in the below step.

Simple Steps to Find Printer on Network


Where is the IP Address Located on My Printer

In the above image, you can see both field – Printer Name and IP Address that represents the actual IP address of a printer in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

Here you must remember that we can use different port names and IP addresses or similar.

Now make sure that your printer’s IP address can be connected through the network or not. So, type cmd in command prompt => after opened type ping don’t copy it type your printers’ IP) then press Enter. Here you’ll get a successful reply message. What I got, have listed below it indicates the network communication is working fine with my printer.

Ping sucess in Windows 10

Hope you have got the Answer to how to Find My Printer’s IP Address in Windows 10 or 8.1.

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