Get Free Electricity Using CPU Fan (CPU Fan Free Energy)

How to get Free Electricity using CPU Fan: It’s our needy to have 100% clean energy. As, we all know that, the pollution level on our planet increasing very fast at this time, we need to search for many little or big sources of clean energy. And the CPU fan-free energy is 100% clean and free. This is a little but useful experiment.

It can light some DC LED bulbs which will be enough for a small area. This is also an interesting project for students. Only you’ll need some not-worthy things and your CPU fan, free energy will be ready for you.

What is CPU Fan Generator?

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The CPU fan generator is a little project which can be made by using some not worthy items like;

  1. A not in use 1 Magnet CPU Fan.
  2. 1-2 small DC LED bulbs.
  3. A plain wood board.

Here you may need to pay;

  1. Hot glue gun.
  2. 10-12 High Strength thin Neodymium Magnets.
How to Get Free Electricity using CPU Fan CPU Fan Free Energy

How Can a CPU Fan Generate Electricity?

A CPU fan generates electricity with help of some magnets. All these processes will be completed in 4 easy steps. So, to know how to get Free Electricity using a CPU Fan first collect the above items. And then start with the next steps to get CPU Fan Free Energy.

Tricks to Getting Free Electricity Using CPU Fan

Follow these 4 steps and learn how to get CPU Fan Free Energy for your enjoyment.

Step-1) Make CPU Fan Free Energy Generator

How Can a CPU Fan Generate Electricity

Take a PC Fan and fix the thin Neodymium Magnets on the upper side of all its wings with help of a hot glue gun. You can also take help from this image.

Step-2) CPU Fan Free Energy
 Experiment Magnet Power Generator

In the second step of CPU fan-free energy, attach the PC fan wire to DC LED bulbs.

Step-3) Fix the Fan and DC LED bulbs on plain Wood

Step-4) Now, take 2-3 High Strength thin Neodymium Magnets and go closer to that PC Fan. It’ll start spinning and DC LED bulbs will be lighted.

Get Free Electricity Using CPU Fan Free Energy

Hope this small guide could help you to Get Free Electricity using a CPU Fan. While we’ve enough sources of energy but we are in search of 100% pure. So that we could save life on earth. We’ve also posted a guide on this topic which you can read here – Ways to Generate Electricity (Free Electricity with Help of Magnets)

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