How to Manage Your iPod Classic Without iTunes

How to Manage iPod Classic Without iTunes? Are you a music lover? If so, you may have definitely had an iPod at some point in your life. Do you remember those good ol’ days when iPods used to be the coolest gadgets out there and all cool kids would have them?

Well, you may find it hard to believe but iPods are still cool. In fact, people still use them as dedicated music players so they don’t have to play music on their phones and drain their batteries.

However, not that iTunes is gone, it has become harder to manage an iPod without a third-party app. Putting music on iPods has become quite a daunting process. But thanks to WALTR PRO, you can easily put music on iPod Classic without iTunes.


Developed by Softorino, WALTR PRO is an all-in-one converter and transfer tool that is available as a desktop app for Windows and Mac. WALTR PRO lets you send any file from your PC to your iOS devices without having to convert them beforehand. This app converts all your files into iOS-compatible formats on the go!

Key Features

Bulk transfers: Transfer hundreds of files at once without any downtime.

Automatic conversions: The built-in converter automatically converts your files into iOS-compatible formats.

Drag & drop: A simple drag and drop is all it takes to send files to your iOS devices.

User-friendly interface: It features an incredibly easy-to-use interface that even a 5-year-old can use.

All iOS devices supported: It supports every iOS device from the first-gen iPod to the latest iPhones.

Lightning-fast transfers: The transfer speeds are unbelievably fast.

Zero ads: Enjoy a completely ad-free experience.

Edit metadata and cover art: Before you send your files to your iOS devices, edit the metadata details and cover art to make your files look more personalized and original.

With WALTR PRO, you can send photos, music, ringtones, videos, TV shows, movies, docs, ePubs, PDFs, and more to any iOS device. Read on to find out how to manage your iPod Classic without iTunes by using WALTR PRO.

Video Guide How to Put Music on iPod Classic without iTunes?

How to Put Music on iPod Classic without iTunes?

To put music on iPod Classing using WALTR PRO, you only need to carry out three, no-fuss steps:

Step 1: Download and Install WALTR PRO


Once you download and install WALTR PRO for free, you will get a free trial that you can activate using an activation key that you get in your email. Just enter your email address in the WALTR PRO window after installation and use the activation key you got in your email to activate your free trial.

Step 2: Connect Your iPod Classic to Your PC

Manage Your iPod Classic Without iTunes

To transfer music to your iPod Classic, you will need to connect your device to your PC. It will instantly sync with your PC. Use the six-pin FireWire connector to connect your iPod Classic to your PC. You can also connect your iOS devices to WALTR PRO via Wi-Fi but since iPod Classic does not have Wi-Fi, you will have to make do with the FireWire cable.

Step 3: Drag and Drop!

Manage iPod Classic Without iTunes

Drag any song(s) from your PC and drop it into WALTR PRO. A progress bar would appear, allowing you to keep track of your transfer. Once done, you will be notified so you can find the newly transferred music in your iPod Classic.

And voila! No need to wait for long transfer durations. No need to convert your music files into iOS-compatible formats beforehand. WALTR PRO automatically converts ANY music format into an iOS-compatible format during the transfer. Moreover, its transfer speed is even faster than Usain Bolt. So you can send bulk files to your iOS devices in the blink of an eye.


Now that you know how to manage your iPod Classic without iTunes, go ahead and load up your iPods with your favorite tracks. Why use your phones to listen to music when you can use devices that are actually dedicated to just music? Save your phone’s charging and listen to your favorite music on iPods instead of your phones.

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