How to Share Files Between Mac and PC (Windows 11/10, 8 & 7)

How to share files between Mac and PC (Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7)? Now it’s easy to share files between Mac and Windows 10, 8, or 7 PC. These top 10 file-sharing mac tricks are reversible. Means, Mac => Windows and Windows => Mac.

In these tricks, we may need to change in general firewall’s settings to allow file sharing. In this way of migrating from PC to Mac, you’ll learn how to transfer files from Mac to PC.

These Mac Tricks will work for All Previous and Present Mac versions.

How to Transfer Files From PC to Mac OS X

If both Mac and Windows 10 are in through the same network – then sharing process can be done from the list under ‘Shared’  inside the ‘Computer’ tab. So first, we’ll need to complete both proper sharing and discovery settings.

Before going to brief you on – how to share files between Mac and PC, some required information, you must have ready.

  1. The correct user name(Administrator).
  2. The password.
  3. IP address (or Computer name).
  4. A workgroup (or domain) of your using Windows 10/8.1/7 OS computer.

How to find Login Information on Windows 10, 8.1 or 7

This login information can easily find inside the Control panel of your Windows PC. The suggested below tricks can be applied on both home and office computers.

You’ll need to follow all 10 Tricks to complete the sharing data, Mac, to PC process. (from any drive C, D, E or etc. created by you on your laptop or desktop to Mac OS X computer.)

Get the Network Sharing Settings and Change it on Windows PC

Trick.1) On your Windows 10 PC;

Go to Control Panel => Click on sharing option (Take help from the below image).

windows 10 control panel

How to Share Files Between Mac and PC (Windows 10, 8, and 7)

Trick.2) If you also get a warning message on your Screen as below;

Share Files Between Mac and PC

Then => Click on ‘change network location’ => Set to ‘Private’ => Once you have done this you’ll be able to share files/folders and join the homegroup.

People who have already completed this step, don’t need to follow the below trick => They can direct go to Trick.3. Those people who couldn’t find a ‘Windows-based homegroup’ on their network => must go to this address and create a new homegroup.

Trick.3) Here you will need to provide the permission to those resources you want to really share with the newly created homegroup. You will be also able to add more data or files or folders to this disk later. The Mac OS X Computer also has all these libraries.

Steps to Migrate from PC to Mac

Steps to Migrate from PC to Mac

Now, you’ll get a password for a newly created account. But it only works if you access homegroup from windows computer => Not from Mac OS X.

Trick.4) OK. So, you have done the previous step but, you’ll need to change the default file-sharing settings => And that is ‘password-protected.’ It means to connect and access the required shared folders from any PC or Mac OS X, you’ll still need the user name and password. Let’s do it. If you’ve done => The file or folder share, has been enabled on Windows 10 to connect Mac OS X.

Connect Mac to PC 

Trick.5) Now it’s test time => Go and share any desired file or folder to check its working type. See the below steps how to share it;

Suppose you are going to share an existing file from Windows 10 to your Mac OS X Laptop => Right-click on that folder you want to share and enable the sharing as shown below image.

How to Share Files Between Mac and PC Windows 10

OK, tap on drop-down => Add ‘Everyone’ => enable ‘Read Only’ access. You may also select any other rather than ‘Read Only’ depending upon your necessity.

Trick.6) After successful, it first shared file/folder => The path of the shared folder network needs noting. As in the sharing group, we choose ‘Everyone,’ but when you’ll go and share from Mac OS X, it’ll again ask the user name and password. These users should settle on that Windows 10 PC where the folder was last created.

How to Access Windows 10

How to Access Windows 10, 8, or 7’s Shared Folder from Mac

Trick.7) Let’s check your Mac OS X laptop or Desktop can perfectly communicate with your connected Windows 10 PC over the set network or not? => We are going to use the ping command to test it => Search out the IP address of your Windows 10, 8, or 7’s PC => Now ping (take help from below image) => If you receive any reply that means it’s working but it’ll happen only if, you enabled the ping reply on the windows firewall.


Allow Windows 10 Share Files with Mac OS X El Capitan

Trick.8) If nothing was wrong on Mac OS X => to Go to ‘Go’ menu => Select ‘Connect to Server option.

Transfer Files from Mac to PC

Trick.9) Now you’ll see a pop-up (for the server path). So, just type here the path of the previously shared folder (that we remind you to note down in Trick.6). It will be either IP or PC name of that Windows OS computer.

How to Share Files Between Mac and PC

Trick.10) To access any distinct folder => Enter the user name and password. This user should settle on that Windows 10 PC. People who are using Microsoft live accounts => They will need to enter the credentials to access the files, data, or folder.

Done, Transfer Files from Mac to PC

Congrats!! You’ve successfully done the Windows shared folder or disk drive to Mac OS X. Which will give you the advantage of accessing Windows share files and folders from Mac OS X to read and write.

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