[Tips] How to Show battery Percentage on iPhone

This is good to show battery percentage on iPhone. There is no problem in showing battery Percentage on iPhone. But the problem is in the setting, battery power can be seen on iPhone at the top as the power state by filled colors but to show battery power in the percentage you will need my Tips.

This guide will help you in how to show battery Percentage on iPhone.

After the activated display of battery Percentage on the iPhone, you can get direct benefits of showing the charging percentage at the of charging your phone. Also, you can easily check how much your battery power more, in percentage.

Isn’t it good to see how long it’ll take to complete 100% during charging your phone?

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How to Show battery percentage on iPhone?

Now, let’s come to the point our target is to show the display battery power percentage in the home notification bar of the iPhone. There is a lot of Apps and software are available in the market but you don’t need to install them because, it’s a hidden feature of the iPhone, only you need to enable it.

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Some Easy Steps to Display Battery Uses on iPhone

Here are some easy steps to make enable battery power percentage in iPhone. follow the instructions.

1)  If you haven’t enabled the feature, by default you can see this image given below.

Display Battery Uses on iPhone

The Black color indicating arrow is showing the Battery Power without numbers(%).

2) To show %, you need to go to the setting of your iPhone and then ‘Select General’. Please don’t forget to check out the Tap shown below the image must be on Usage.

show battery percentage on iphone

3) Here, in the battery option you can see a slide option only you have to slide this option and your percentage battery option will be enabled. You can see the instant effect of it on the top left side of the Battery notification logo just after slide Battery Percentage.

As shown in the image below.

show battery percentage in iphone

4) Now you can see the percentage option is shown in the notification area in the number 40%. You can exactly get an idea about your mobile battery power and when you will need to put it on charging. This guide is helpful for all iPhone models recent and earlier too. I hope you get full knowledge on how to show battery percentage on iPhone.

show charging icon

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