How to Snapshot in VMware Mac OS X Laptop or Desktop-3 Steps

How to Snapshot in Vmware? Taking Snapshot in VMware is a good habit. If you going to upgrade any software in your VMware Workstation 16 pro or 16 don’t forget to take Screenshot of your Mac. Easy to Setup AutoProtect in VMware Workstation 16 pro. In this post we are explaining how to Snapshot in VMware Workstation 16 pro or any version of VMware. Any new or old mac user should have knowledge how to Snapshot in VMware Mac OS X Laptop or Desktop – Setup AutoProtect. Once again we want to conform that this post is not only for Workstation 16 or 16 pro, it’s for all version of VMware Workstation including earlier or upcoming too.

Snapshot help user to get back after any major changes in your system. Via snapshot manager they can restore their data after crashes or corrupt their virtual machine. VMware snapshot has various option than other laptop or desktop virtualization software.

How to Snapshot in VMware Mac OS X Laptop or Desktop – Setup AutoProtect Option.

Easy guide Setup AutoProtect snapshot in VMware workstation 16 pro or earlier and upcoming version of VMware workstation. Read carefully how to Snapshot in vmware Machine. And fallow all instruction.

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Just press right button of your mouse on your Virtual machine and click on “Snapshot Manager”. Or, you may direct go in menu bar of Snapshot manager after select Virtual Machine. VM – > Snapshot Manager.

Here you can see the snapshots taken for your VM. In Snapshot Manager you can see restoring to a snapshot, making clone from a snapshot and deleting snapshots options too.

Just give a single click on AutoProtect button as shown in below image.

AutoProtect in VMware

You haven’t clicked on this button yet, it’s on default setting.  It means AutoProtect snapshots are not working. Why AutoProtect snapshots is disabled on your VMware workstation. It’s because of following reasons.

1) It’s disabled to save disk space of your VM.

Auto taking Snapshots for every hour can consume more disk space on your virtual machine. This is Why AutoProtect Snapshot is disabled.

2) It’s disabled to avoid work load for your VM.

Taking snapshot every hour will affect physical part of your and virtual machine. As the Hard disk of your VM will be used heavily, the speed of your host and guest machine will be very slow.

3) AutoProtect Snapshot is not necessary for all VM.

No need to take every hour Snapshot for normal Machine. Only weekly backup is enough for home individual  machine.

How to Enabled AutoProtect Snapshots on VMware Workstation 16 pro or 16.

After give a simple click on AutoProtect button you will need to “check into” the box showing ‘Enable AutoProtect’. Now you can some more options fallow the image given below.

VMware Snapshots Auto Protect

As you can see there are only three options available into the box. AutoProtect interval -> Half-Hourly, Hourly and Daily. At the time of changing in setting in both “AutoProtect Interval and Maximum AutoProtect snapshots”, you will see an information about your disk space. As shown in read box upper image. It will change automatically when you change both “interval and Maximum”. And AutoProtect snapshot will automatically delete rest Snapshot to provide less disk space and good restore options.

Now, again go to snapshot manager and “check into” the box ‘Show AutoProtect snapshots’ to view the affect. As shown in below image.

How to Snapshot in vmware

Warning: To take AutoProtect snapshots you must inactive to record and replay in your virtual machine. If record and replay are active AutoProtect snapshots will not work.

VMware always recommended to setup AutoProtect snapshot for those VM in which various changes happens rapidly. Like – critical and high processing machines. So, VMware never recommend us to take snapshots manually. As we don’t use critical and high processing machines. But for those people who are using Speed Disk{critical and high processing} machines, AutoProtect will save time on restoring machine’s data. As they will get their snapshot without manual backups.

How To Delete Snapshot in VMware Or, How to Deactivated Auto Snapshot in VMware Machine

Once again go to Snapshot Manager.

Here you will get the deleting Snapshot option.

You also get the option to make clone from snapshot. And restore Snapshot option too.

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