How to Take a Credit Card OFF your iPhone

Learn how to take a credit card off your iPhone: No more auto charge, set iTunes Remove Credit Card. Tips on how to remove credit cards from iPhone. If your iPhone auto charged on you then this guide will help you. Learn how to take credit cards off iPhone. Now Apple iTunes stores are very user-friendly and secure. Due to this, a lot of Mac or iTunes iOS device users favor purchasing music, games, movies, and TV shows from iTunes.

Now people can also edit their Apple ID account information right with the help of iTunes on their PC or Mac. You have the right to change your expired credit card anytime. And you can also take off a credit card if you are being unusually charged.

How to Remove Credit Card from iPhone to not more auto charged on you

It’s easy to remove your credit card from iTunes. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to Take off Credit Card on iPhones, iTunes for not to be an automated charge. So check these steps if you use Windows 10, 8.1 PC, or Mac computers from the same time iTunes was installed on them.

How to Take OFF Credit Card on iPhone

How to Take OFF Credit Card on iPhone

These steps will teach you how to edit or remove/off the credit card on iPhone(iTunes). Now follow.

Step.1) Go and open the iTunes app on your PC or Mac, anyone is in use.

Step.2) Now click on Apple logo => go to ‘iTunes Store’ => open the iTunes Store(sometimes it’s auto open).

Step.3) Look at top of the screen open menu bar => click on ‘Account’.

Step.4Make sure have you logged in to your Apple ID? If not go to Account menu => select ‘Sign in’.

Step.5) OK, after that again go to Account menu => View My Account.’

Step.6You will be asked once more for your Apple ID password => Enter that to continue.

Step.7) If you’ve forgotten your Password then => select ‘Forgot My Password’ in steps 4 or 6. Because your Apple ID will be used during removing your credit card from iTunes.

how to take a credit card off your iphone

Step.8) It’ll drag you to your Account Information page(make a change if needed). Here you can see all of your Apple ID information, purchase history, and Settings too.

The next step will show you steps to edit your Apple ID Payment Information.

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Steps to Edit Payment Type on iTunes

This is the most important step to edit or remove the payment type on your Apple ID. Actually, this is an Edit option but you can take advantage of Removing too. Now, sure it is you really on the ‘Account Information’ page on iTunes? Repeat all the previous steps and continue here:

Step.1From the Account Information page => ‘Apple ID Summary’ section.

Step.2Apple ID Summary section => ‘Payment Type’ => Edit’.

Step.3) It’ll drag you to the ‘Edit Payment Information’ page.

Step.4) This is the page of Payment option selection for your Apple ID and the roots are Visa, Master Card, or PayPal.

Step.5) Now select ‘None’ to take your credit card off. You can also change your Payment option from this page. The option is given at the end of the list.

take a credit card off your iphone

Step.6Just after selecting ‘None’, give a sweet smile and click ‘Done’ to save changes.

Superb! Congrats, You have successfully removed from iTunes. Now no worry of Apple ID Auto Charge.

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