How to Install Windows 10 Desktop Themes | Win 10 Custom Themes

Easy way to install Win 10 Custom Themes: If you are also in search of how to install windows 10 desktop themes then you’ll be happy here. Many of Win 10 users are looking for new ways to install windows 10 desktop custom themes but it’s not so easy as, Microsoft not allow. But don’t worry we’ve fixed this prob in just 3 easy steps. Today you’ll learn how to install windows 10 custom themes for free.

Win 10 Custom Themes | How to Install Windows 10 Desktop Themes?

If you also want to learn how to install Win 10 custom themes then you must visit our previous guide : Easy Install Custom Themes on Windows 10 Desktop/Laptop Safely. Actually this is the 2nd part of how to install Win 10 Custom Themes. So, read this guide and learn easy way to Install Windows 10 Desktop Themes.

There are two ways to install Windows 10 Desktop Themes the first has described here. And second method you can learn in this page “How to Install Windows 10 Desktop Themes | Win 10 Custom Themes”. Both of the guides are too easy to follow. So, lets know how to install Windows 10 custom themes.

Steps to Install Windows 10 Custom Themes (Desktop Themes)

To install Windows 10 custom themes first create system restore point so that you can get back your previous PCs’ data if anything went wrong.

Step-1) First Create System Restore Point

You can learn how to create System Restore Point in Windows 10 from here. After created the system restore point go for step-2.

Step-2) Check Your Windows 10 PCs’ Compatibility

This step is useful because we want to fix the limitation of Microsoft custom theme instillation issue. You must know that there are some limitation to install windows 10 custom themes. Microsoft doesn’t allow to install any 3rd party theme on Windows 10 PC. So, first of all we have to remove this ban after that we’ll be able to install Win 10 Custom Themes. And it’s also need to know what’s your PCs’ software Compatibility. It’ll be completed in just 5-6 easy steps.

  1. To check this – Press Windows Key + R at once or type “Run” in Windows 10 search box. It’ll open Run Command box. Now type “winver” in the box and press OK as done in below image.
  2. As you can see an “about windows” page on your screen. Leave it for use latter.
  3. Click here and Check; Does your Windows 10 OS supported by UltraUXThemePatcher or not? If yes, then go for next step. If not then update your Windows 10 and match again and go for next step. Take help from below image.
  4. Now click to install UltraUXThemePatcher on your Win 10. To download it go once more on its page and click as done in below image.
  5. After completed the download; Go to the download section of your PC and right click on it to install.
  6. During installation it may ask you to accept the license; Follow all instruction and click to install.
  7. After done the installation; Reboot your Win 10 PC. So that you can see the affect.

Step-3) How to Apply Win 10 Custom Themes?

Now, once more visit our previous guide and follow the (Step-3) and (Step-4).

These two steps will show you how to Apply Win 10 Custom Themes.

All done! So, lets restart your PC and check the changes.

Hope you could also learn how to Install Windows 10 Desktop Themes.

We’ve showed you two easy method to install Win 10 Custom Themes, you can select anyone. The first method was in our previous guide which link is given above.

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