Fixed Slow Charging iPad (iPad Slow to Charge Quick to Drain)

Slow Charging iPad: 5 Ways to Speed up iPad Charging. These are the best solutions to make iPad and iPods charge faster. Now, you can quickly fix the charging issue of your iPad (in a short time). The iPad is the Crown of Apple, but today many of us are facing Slow charging issues on the iPad.

But no more worry as we are going to fix iPad slow charging trouble in 5 easy steps. At first, it may be because of faulty batteries or chargers that are in use.

How to Fix iPad Slow to Charge Quick to Drain?

If your iPad battery does not fully charge after being connected to the Charger for a long time, then it’s a big problem, and you need to fix it. No more waiting have the five ways to fix iPad Slow to Charge Quick to Drain.

5 Tricks to Fix Slow Charging iPad

Follow any of these 5 Tricks to solve the iPad Slow Charging Problem.

1-Trick) By Resetting your iPad

At first, you should reboot your slow charging iPad device. Rebooting will free up memory and also close all apps. It may possible any of these apps drain more battery of your iPad and shut it down. So, rebooting your iPad may help you. The below steps will show you how to reset the iPad to fix slow charging.

  1. Just press and hold the Home + Power button together for 10 seconds. The Apple logo will appear if couldn’t see then do it again.
    Slow Charging iPad
  2. After appeared Apple logo please release both buttons.
  3. Now, the iPad will start rebooting. Wait till it’ll start up and show the lock screen.
  4. Reconnect your iPad to charge it.

Hope you’d fix it. If not, try the next Way.

Once try: You can disable the Hotspot and WiFi and select the Airplane mode during charging. It’ll speed up iPad charging.

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2-Trick) Try Other’s Power Outlet or USB Port to fix Slow Charging iPad

Power Outlet means where we connect iPad’s charger and USB Port means the Port where we connect the iPad lightning cable. More possible any fault in the Outlet or in the USB port. So, you should try another Outlet and USB Port. How to change the power outlet is described below.

iPad shows charging but not charging?

  1. We suggest unplugging the iPad charger from a power outlet.
  2. Plug it, into any different power outlet.
  3. If not work, try in 3-4 other power outlets.

And, if you don’t use a power outlet simply, only use your computer’s USB port to charge your iPad, follow these steps;

Is the iPad not Charging 100 Percent?

  1. Unplug your iPad’s cable from using the USB port.
  2. Plug it into a different USB port on your Laptop/desktop.
  3. If not worked try in 2-3 other USB ports, may any work.
iPad Slow to Charge Quick to Drain

But if still slow charging, follow the 3rd way.

3-Trick) Change Your Charging Cable

If the above solutions couldn’t fix the slow charging issue in the iPad then it’s more possible that the charging cable may be damaged. So, get a new charging cable and connect to the iPad. You can also use another working cable.

Also, check the node of the new or old cable which you connect to the iPad. If this couldn’t help you go for next.

4-Trick) Use Another Power Brick

Is your power brick made by Apple? I mean, was it come with your iPad? You shouldn’t use your iPhone Power Brick for iPad charging because it gives 5 Watts output and iPad power Brick gives 12 Watts output. So, make sure you’re using iPad Power Brick and fix the iPad Slow Charging problem.

Why does my iPad charge so slow and die so fast?

  1. Make sure you are using 12 Watts Apple-made iPad Power brick.
    Why does my iPad charge so slow and die so fast
  2. Change it, if you are using 5 Watts power brick as it’s not made for iPad. Hope this could solve your iPad’s slow charging issue. If again couldn’t speed up iPad charging then go for next.

5-Trick) Now You Need to Factory Reset your iPad

In case of not working the above 5 ways to fix the slow iPad charging problem then you need to factory reset your iPad. But please, take a backup of your iPad before going to factory reset your iPad. So, let’s take a backup of your iPad first because the below steps will remove everything on your iPad.

iPad not charging when plugged in?

  1. Tap on the setting icon and go to the “Settings” app.
  2. Under settings app => Tap on General.
  3. Now, scroll the page => Tap on “Reset“.
  4. Here you’ll see “Erase All Contents and Settings” just Tap on it.
  5. Your iPad may ask you to Enter your Apple email ID and password also. Please, Enter both correctly.
  6. OK. Now you’ve started the reset process and it’ll take a few minutes. So, wait until the welcome screen will appear after completing the reset process.
  7. Wow! you’ve fixed your iPad Slow Charging issue and it’ll look as good as new.
  8. So, you can freely charge your iPad. We’re sure it’ll charge as fast as new.

Fixed Slow Charging iPad issue

Hope the above 5 ways could help you to fix the iPad Slow Charging problem.

If couldn’t take it to the nearest Apple Store to get it checked.

So that they can better take care of it.

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