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iPhone Tricks : How to Change Font on iPhone 6, 6S and SE? No more worry follow these useful methods and learn how to change font size on iPhone without Jailbreaking or with Jailbreaking. We know some of fonts don’t feel visually comfort to our eyes. Sometimes a person have vision problem but even having really good eyesight you can also change the font on iPhone 6, 6s or SE by following few simple steps. In this post we are also covering how to change text size on iphone 6, 6s or SE? How to change text size on iPhone 6, 6s or SE? Tips how to change font size on iPhone 6, 6s or SE?

Most of time the requirement to change the font size on iPhone 6, 6S or SE happens with honorable old people. They feel visual trouble on their iPhone at-the-time of reading text. We suggest them some iPhone Tricks to change font size on iPhones. So, follow the below steps which will help you how to change fonts on iPhone 6, 6S or SE in any age.

Process.1: How to Change Font on iPhone 6, 6S and SE

This simple font accessibility setting process will show you the ‘Text’ settings inside iOS. By following some cool steps you’ll be able to change the text size of your iPhone. Person how are suffering from vision related troubles they can make text size bold or larger. At any step if you can’t change iPhone font setting you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone. Read here how to jailbreak iPhone 6, 6S or iPad? OK, look at the steps given below which are guiding how to change the size and make the text bold. We have tested this method on the most of iOS including iOS9,10 iPhones.

Step.1) As normal unlock the iPhone 6, 6S or SE.

Step.2) Go to home screen and open the ‘Settings‘ app.

Step.3) Inside setting manage the ‘Display and Brightness setting’.

Step.4Just below Display and Brightness you can see two options ‘Text Size’ and ‘Bold Text’.

Step.5) If you search was for increasing or decreasing the text size then select ‘Text Size’ on your iPhone. Here you’ll get a slider for increasing or decreasing text size. So, fix your text size here by dragging the slider left or right. For more help have a look on below example images.

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Step.6) OK, now if you want the texts in bold then select the ‘Bold Text’.

Step.7After changed into the ‘Bold Text’ it’ll restart your iPhone auto.

We wore learning how to change font on iPhone 6, 6S and SE by changing in settings. But if you are suffering from vision problem and want Accessibility Settings for iPhone font, follow the other next Steps given below.

Steps to Change iPhone Font Accessibility Settings

Step.1) Go to setting once more => ‘General’.

Step.2) Inside General => ‘Accessibility’.

Step.3) Under Accessibility => ‘Vision’, here you’ll also get two options as mentioned above ‘Larger Text’ and ‘Bold Text’. Only the difference here we can select the ‘Larger Accessibility Sizes’. And now you can increase the reading text size extra large by ‘Larger Accessibility Size’, where the largest size is still small for you. 

These iPhone Tricks are also helpful for your latest iOS compatible iPad and iPod Touch.

Process.2: How to Change text size on Jailbreaked iPhone by Cydia Tweak

As we have said above if you can’t change iPhone font setting you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone. So, in case if you’ve fail the method on your iPhone then jailbreaked your iPhone and follow these steps.

If you’ve jailbreaked your iPhone then you can easily change font size via a Cydia tweak. NO-doubt if you’ve jailbreaked your iPhone you’ll have Cydia as it’s compulsory for a jailbreak iPhone. OK, now follow the below steps to change text on iPhone.(For jailbroken iPhone only).

Step.1Similar above normally unlock your iPhone 6, 6S or SE.

Step.2) Go to home screen => ‘Cydia’ app.

Step.3Inside Cydia => ‘Sources’.

Step.4) Under Sources check for ‘Fonts (BytaFont 3)’. Take help from below images.

Step.5) On this platform you’ll get a good collection of fonts, you may select any of them.

Step.6Your iPhone’s system font will be fully changed just after applied any font.

Yeah! we have done it. And now you’ve also knowledge of how to change text on iPhone 6, 6S and SE by easy methods. We wish this guide may help those person who have any kind of visible problem.

In last we want to say that you can use this simple guide on your latest upgraded and compatible iOS version iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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