Tips to Check Latest Version of iOS on iPhone/iPad

How to Check the Latest Version of iOS? This simple guide will show you the easiest way to Check the Latest Version of iOS on iPhones and iPad. Know what is an iOS Device for new iPhone users. We always take care of new iPhone users and suggest iPhone Tricks, so that they can better and safely use their iPhone.

This guide on how to find the iOS version on your iPhone will be described in 6 easy steps. You’ll need these tips when you Install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. This guide will also help you in other many ways. So keep reading.

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What is an iOS device?

The iOS is an iPhone mobile OS(Operating System) that was created and developed by the official Apple Inc. to operate its hardware. But now some other mobile companies are also using this operating system on their mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. How to Backup iPhone 6, 6S, or iPad/iPod on iTunes and iCloud.

How to find ios version in iPhone

How to Check the Latest Version of iOS on iPhone & iPad

As we have told you above having knowledge of checking the updated version of iOS on iPhone or iPad will help you in many ways. People check and install the updated version of iOS on their iPhone or iPad before continuing the installation of Cydia without Jailbreak.

The following steps will guide you on how to check the iOS version of your iPhone or iPad. Just follow the below steps to find the iOS version on iPhone or iPad. You must check – how to install Cydia without Jailbreak on iPhone.

Step-1) Unlock Your iPhone

OK, take your iPhone or iPad in hand and Unlock it.

Step-2) Open Settings

Look at the Setting icon tap it and go to the ‘Settings’.

Step-3) Tap on General

Now under setting tap on ‘General’.

Step-4) Tap on About

Inside General => tap on ‘About’.

How to Check Latest Version of iOS on iPhone and iPad

Step-5) Tap on Version

Inside About => tap on ‘Version’.

Step-6) Done!

Hope this guide could help you in your search for (Latest Version of) the iPhone or iPad.

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