List of Most Popular Streaming Services

Most Popular Streaming Services: Digital TV has taken over traditional cable television in a short period, mainly due to the vast variety of choices and mobility it offers. The cable television that was once a household requirement has now become obsolete and streaming services have become all the rage. Streaming services are cheaper as compared to cable television. Almost all streaming services have mobile apps which means that they can be accessed through mobile phones. All they require is a high-speed internet connection such as the ones offered by Spectrum phone deals and you are set to watch your favorite shows anytime and anywhere on the go.

7 Most Popular Streaming Services

Most Popular Streaming Services

Some of the most famous streaming platforms are discussed below.

1) Netflix

Netflix is considered to be the number one streaming service among all others. It offers a wide range of content in different genres ranging from movies and serials to tv shows. Netflix has also ventured into production and has produced some amazing Netflix original short series with engaging storylines in HD resolution.

Some of the most popular Netflix series are set in a classical era such as Bridgeton and Ann with an E,

2) HBO Max

HBO is a very popular streaming service. Before it entered the world of streaming HBO channel was the most favored channel for quality entertainment known for its engaging content.

HBO has been a host to some of the most popular tv shows such as Game of Thrones and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. These tv shows are still watched on repeat by many people and they never fail to entertain.

HBO has been quick in adapting to changes in the entertainment world and so it has been able to retain its customer base as well as expand it. Its transition from cable TV to streaming service and then from HBO to HBO Max has increased its popularity multifold among Gen Z.

3) Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a specialized streaming service for kids. Its amazing animated graphics when combined with its high-resolution picture quality gives the feel of watching the movie in a theatre. The sound effects are outstanding and the content is just perfect according to the age bracket it targets.

4) Twitch

Twitch is a gaming service of American origin. Offering live streaming of games, it is very popular among Gen Z as it allows them to earn through their hobby.

The screen-sharing option allows gamers to view different users with their monitors. Therefore, streamers can interact with other players through comments, live sessions, and playing other games. Engaging content will gain followers that pay off in monetary forms.

5) Amazon Audiobooks

Amazon AudioBooks is a unique streaming service for book lovers. It offers over a million books for a minimum subscription fee.

It has some distinct features of reading out books, so at times when you feel like “listening” to the book rather than reading it you can click on the option and sit back and relax while the book is read to you. Here are options for adjusting the reading according to your preference such as speed, translation, etc.

6) Spotify

Spotify is easily the most famous music streaming service. It has become increasingly popular through its personalization techniques. It offers personalized playlists to its users and also makes recommendations according to their tastes, introducing them to songs that they may not have heard before.

7) Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime hosts famous tv shows from different channels. It collaborates with channels like Erosnow, Sports tv, and Discovery along with many others. Amazon Prime subscribers have access to Amazon music for free and they also receive a free Kindle book every month. A trial period of thirty days is given before payment so that the viewers can see the content and gauge if it matches their taste.

8) YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the most used and downloaded apps on mobile phones and millions of people all over the world use it. YouTube has helped people make a fortune and make careers out of creating content. Just like YouTube videos YouTube Music is also launched with the idea of reaching out to the maximum number of people and helping uncover talent from different parts of the world.

9) Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is one of the best streaming services available. It offers a wide range of engaging content for its viewers, the most popular being its award-winning Hulu original content. You can access it on multiple devices at once. It also offers live streaming of 65 channels along with its recorded content, making it a unique streaming service of its nature.

Hulu allows 50 hours of recording, so viewers can record their favorite shows and watch them later.

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