Losing Your Hair? Use Mustard Cake to Stop it

Losing Your Hair? Use Mustard Cake to Stop it. Today we’ll tell you how you can stop losing your hair by using Mustard Cake. Mustard Cake can be find from Mustard seeds. It’s also available on your online shop, on which? We’ll suggest you. If not found, purchase it’s seeds and grind.

Are You Losing Your Hair? Use Mustard to Stop it

The steps are given below to teach you, how to stop hair loss using mustard seeds. So let’s read.

Steps-1) Take a piece of Mustard Cake (if possible) break it into small pieces and mix it, into 1/4 cup of water. Then leave it for whole night.

OR, take 2 table spoon mustard seeds + 1/4 table spoon water and grind it Then leave it for whole night.

Step-2) In the morning mix it and filter it using strainer or cotton cloth.

Step-3) Now, Apply it, into your hair gently and leave it for 5 – 10 minutes.

Step-4) Have a bath or Wash out your hair with fresh water only, no need shampoo or oil.

Do it thrice in every week and forget shampoo. It’ll stop your hair fall and remove dandruff too. It’ll also shine your hair.

So, let’s try it but never forget to share your experience.

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Today these natural tips are very rare but it works. So, visit us to read the useful tips to save your hair and make them shining. We often search all the care ways for hair growth. Mustard is very useful for hair. It’s able to protect and shine, not only your hair but also your skin. So, be friendly with mustard.

You can purchase mustard from above suggested online shop.