[Solved] MacBook Air Won’t Turn On (Pro Tips)

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On? Here are 6 Easy and Pro Steps to Turn on Your Macbook Air. Know What to do if MacBook Air won’t Turn On. Please don’t panic when your Macbook won’t turn on. You must follow these 6 Mac tricks when your new or old Macbook pro won’t turn on. There may be various reasons for your Macbook pro not Turning on. We know all Mac users are not technicians but these Mac Tricks will make you a Mac Technician.

What to do When MacBook Air Won’t Turn On?

Very helpful Mac tricks when your Macbook not Turning on. People get afraid when their Macbook pro won’t start. (some of the places we have usedwon’t‘ instead of ‘won’t). You should also encourage your friends to follow these Mac tricks instead of asking what to do My Macbook pro won’t Turn on. Believe they will never ask this question in their whole life that My Macbook won’t Turn on please help me as they will be able to solve the issue.

MacBook Air won’t Turn on? Follow these 6 Steps

Please don’t get panic when your MacBook Air won’t turn on. Follow our 6 Steps.

Trick-1) Check First Whenever your

Make sure your MacBook Air has any issue related to turning on or not. It may be because of => Battery fully discharge => or, any fault in your battery. First, clear the concept: A MacBook Air not turning on is a different issue, and turning on but prob in butting is different. OK. Now, follow these steps:-

Step.1) Go near your MacBook Air => Check and make sure is your MacBook Air connected to its charger?

MacBook Air Won't Turn On

MacBook Air not Turning on

Step.2) If nothing is wrong but still not turning on => Then share a charger or adaptor from your friend and try once again. (Turn on).

Step.3) Could you turned on? => If yes, then change your charge. If not => then it may issue with the battery, the OS, or any circuitry inside.

Trick-2) Turning on but No Display

In the case of turning on but no display or distorted display, it looks like there is any issue with the screen. By following the steps it’ll be sure that the screen is working or not. Follow.

Step.1) Go and Turn on your MacBook Air.

Step.2) Could you hear any chimes? => If yes, then internal parts are OK and MacBook Air is working fine.

Step.3) Wait for a while, could you see anything on the Screen? => If yes, then it’s working fine. If not => Then there is a problem with your screen.

Step.4) Do you have a monitor with have Thunderbolt port? => If yes, then connect your not working laptop to that monitor via a Thunderbolt cable.

Step.5) Could you see any output on the 2nd monitor? => If yes, then no doubt there is a fault in Screen.

Does your MacBook Air turns on with perfect display but => The OS is not booting => Go with the next step.

Tricks-3) What to do When MacBook Air Turns On but Won’t Boot

It happens after corrupted of the Mac OS or storage. It means no prob with Screen or battery and MacBook also working fine. Go to recovery or repair => Run the Disk Utility in Recovery Mode => And follow these steps:

Step.1) At first, just completely turn off your MacBook => Now hold down the Command + R keys and Turn on your MacBook.

Step.2) Wait for it, soon the OS X Utilities will show up on your screen => Now release both hold keys.

MacBook Air Wont Turn On

Reading, Why Macbook won’t Turn on?

Step.3) Can you see ‘Disk Utility on your screen? If yes => Tap to select.

Step.4) Have a look on the left column => Can you see your hard drive or MacBook Air’s storage? If yes => Select it and => Click to Verify Disk. (It’s on the lower right).

Step.5) If there was only the issue => Then you’ll be able to turn on your MacBook Air.

If you still could not turn on your MacBook => Go with the next step.

Trick-4) Try Safe Booting of Your MacBook Air

You must try safe Booting of your MacBook Air to perform certain diagnostics. It’ll show you what is wrong with your MacBook Air. Let’s guide how to open the Safe Boot.

Step.1) OK, first completely Turn off your MacBook Air => Hold Shift + Command + R Keys together and Turn On your MacBook Air.

Step.2) Wait for a couple of minutes till start Safe Boot => The Verbose Mode will report to you about Safe Boot progress.

Step.3) Keep waiting.

Step.4) Just after completing the Safe Boot => Restart your MacBook.

Step.5) Could you turn it on, OK? If yes, then it’s okay.

If the Safe Boot also couldn’t help you => Go with the next step.

Trick-5) May the NVRAM Resetting Turn on Your MacBook Air

Sometimes MacBook Air also doesn’t turn on if any problem with its NVRAM.

For your instant information: The NVRAM is a part of your MacBook’s memory section which works as data stores like volume settings or screen resolution when your MacBook is going to shut off. The resetting of NVRAM will clear the RAM and may help in Turning on your MacBook. Go with the below steps.

Step.1) Turn on your MacBook => press and hold Command + Option+ P + R (all together).

Step.2) Don’t leave these keys till you hear your MacBook restart sound => After restart leaves all the keys for its second reboot.

Step.3) During its 2nd reboot a progress bar will show up on the screen.

Step.4) Is your MacBook restarting fine? If yes, then you’ve done it.

Still your Macbook not Turning on?

If still, your MacBook couldn’t restart, then => Go with the next step.

Tricks-6) Go and Reinstall the Mac OS on Your MacBook

The re-installation process of Mac OS can be done from the Recovery Mode. We have done it in Trick-3 above. So first re-open the Recovery Mode from ‘Trick-3′ => then go with these steps.

Step.1) Look at the upper right corner => Click to Connect with Wi-Fi.

Step.2) Go to Mac OS Utilities => Can you see ‘Reinstall Mac OS’ option => Select it.

Step.3) This process will take a long time. Because It’ll first download the Mac OS => Then install.

After completed try to turn it on, you may. Couldn’t and,

If this trick also couldn’t help you => Go with the next step.

If all the above tricks had failed to turn on your MacBook then => Visit to your nearest Apple Store => Submit it to get repaired. You may have an Appointment with any Genius Bar also.

But never forget to follow all these 6-Tricks before submitting your MacBook to Apple repair Center or any Genius.

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