3 Steps to Make Chrome Clear History on Exit/Close Windows

Let’s know how to Make Chrome Clear History on Exit/close Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome may hang if full of history box. So, set it to auto Clear chrome History on Exit Windows, Mac, or Linux OS. Here we also learn how to Make Chrome Clear History on close Windows, Mac, and Linux. Exit means close (both keep the same sense).

(This solution is also for how to make Chrome Clear History on Exit Linux and how to make Chrome Clear History on Exit Mac OS X).

This is the most useful idea for those people who use a common or public computer. As you don’t want to leave a foot printer of your search on your PC, let’s auto-set Chrome Clear History on Exit or close windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. It’ll delete all history when you leave the chrome browser.

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Make Chrome Clear History on Exit Windows, Mac, Linux

Quick Check With Help of TOC

Step-1) Open Chrome and go to settings.

Make Chrome Clear History on Exit

Step-2) After that single click on “Show advanced settings” and then scroll for the Privacy option. Look at the image below.

Make Chrome Clear History

Step-3) Here are two ways of clear data.

  1. Content Settings.
  2. And, Clear browsing data.

If you want manually clear some of the data then click on “Clear browsing data..” and clear them with a single press. But if want to auto-set clear chrome history and cookies then, 1-click on “Content settings..”.

Here chrome keeps more Privacy settings. Let’s know one-by-one each setting of Privacy. Read all options under “cookies” as shown below image and select Keep local data only until you quit your browser“.

Now you’ve set to auto clear all cookies, cache, and history on exit time on your Windows or Mac computer. But please don’t close the tab till you know about “Manage exceptions…”

Note: All these steps only work on the latest version of Google Chrome Browser, updated as of May 2020 or after. If, it can’t see the above options on your browser then please update first.

What are Manage Exceptions in Google Chrome Browser?

Wait! this is Google Chrome’s risky area, first, read how? Then touch it. Click on Manage Exceptions can erase all the browsing data, cookies, and cache every time when you close the browser. So, it’ll be difficult to use some sites like Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook as these sites keep cookies to speed up your browsing and more. It means first get prepared are you really want to manage Exceptions?

Don’t worry here is another way to manage it with no loss of cookies.

Click on Manage exception. Below the Hostname pattern, you’ll get an option to add the sites you want to save their cookies not to be deleted on closing or exiting the chrome browser, as below.

Clear History on Chrome

Hope you could learn how to make Chrome Clear History on Exit Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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