How to Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows-Movies

Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows and Movies: Now you can also Clear Netflix History watched before. Where is Netflix watch history and how to clear Netflix history? As you know it was not possible long ago to find and delete Netflix’s recently watched list but possible today by following some easy steps. Today we are happy to share those Netflix history remover tricks and tips. So follow the tricks of how to delete recently watched shows or movies from history on Netflix.

If you are a TV Show or movie buff then Netflix is the place where all the blockbuster movies and Shows are available all time. “Thanks to platforms like Fire TV and their host of firestick apps, you can access your favorite movies from many different sources in one place.”

So if you’ve missed out on your favorite released Movies or shows during busy with your work then it will make your entertainment not to be destroyed. The DVD is not in fashion today, people are getting entertained by the internet online because you can enjoy it at any moment of time.

How to Delete Full History in Netflix

How to Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows and Movies – Clear Netflix History

Netflix is not only the place of your favorite TV programs and Movies but it also suggests your previous watched program history for your future view. It means if you’ve left your favorite program or movie in your busy schedule it’ll remember and give you the option to continue in the future. But Sometimes, it bothers us as it keeps all the viewed programs in history. That times we need to delete or remove those data to get free space in your Netflix history. How do that how to remove history data from Netflix? It’s suggested below.

Netflix history can be deleted in two ways:-

  • Delete certain programs’ history on Netflix.
  • Delete full Netflix history.

How to Delete Netflix Recently Watched List or Selected Only?

If you don’t want to delete the full Netflix history you can follow these steps. It’ll show you how to manage your Netflix account and how to delete Netflix’s recently watched list or any other list. In this step, you must have a web browser because you are going to manage your Netflix account to remove your history.

People who are using Netflix on their smartphones, need to use a web browser to open it. Follow the Netflix tricks to remove the history.

  1. Go and log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Then click on the option “Your Account”. It’ll open your account setting.
  3. Scroll down the page and select the “My Profile” option.
  4. Now click on the “Viewing Activity” option. Here you’ll see the image given below.
How to Delete Netflix Recently Watched List or Selected Only

As you can see this is the list of all your watched movies and TV Programs till now. Don’t worry to see this big list have a look at the right side. Can you see the ‘X’ sign present there? It’s the master key to removing the unwanted history. Only you need to press this “X” icon on that entry you want to be deleted. The size of this list depends upon the start time of watching Netflix because Netflix stores all the watched data in its history list.

How to Delete Full History in Netflix: Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows

But The people who want to delete the full history of their Netflix will need to remove “X” all the entire entries under “Viewing Activity”. during deleting complete history. After completely deleting history, Netflix will take near-about 24 hours to get updated.

Another way of removing Netflix viewing History: Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows

You can also remove your Netflix history by replacing your current profile on Netflix. We know it’s new thought but not too difficult. So just log in to your current Netflix account => Hover over your profile image => Give a single click on the option Manage profiles”. You’ll the image similar to below.

how to Manage profiles on netflix

How to Clear Netflix History?

Here you’ll get the option to add a new profile to do it => Click on the option “Add Profile”. You’ll need to provide a new never used name for your profile. After done successfully the new creation of profile => Go and delete the old profile. Once you deleted the old profile all your Netflix history will be deleted.

How to Delete Netflix Account?

To delete the old profile go to “Manage Profiles” => Give a single click on “Edit” (It’ll be next to the old profile name) => Click to delete the old profile. Here Netflix will ask you once to be conformed to your decision of deleting your profile. Click on the “Delete Profile” button to confirm your decision.

How to Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows

The above-listed option will help you to remove the Netflix continue history. If you want to control your kids on Netflix get a trick below.

How to Control Your Kids on Netflix Watching Program

To control your Kids on Netflix watching Program you’ll need to create multiple profiles on Netflix. After that whenever your kids will logs in to their profile they will be on a separate account and will not be able to access what you have viewed.

Steps to create Multiple Profiles on Netflix

To create multiple profiles on Netflix following the tricks below:-

  1. Log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Give a single click on the option “Add Profile”.

At the time of creating a new profile for your kids please, don’t forget to check the option This profile is for kids under 12″. This option is to control your kid’s access to Netflix. So please use this trick and make your kids away from watching adult Netflix programs and misusing Netflix.

How to Netflix Remove Continue Watching movies

After deleted your old viewing history Netflix will again start storing new history for you. So, use these tricks in the future also and keep watching your favorite Movies.

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