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The Best Notepad For Mac: If you are searching for the best text editor Notepad for Mac OS computer or the best Shared Note App? Then this is the right place for you. Here we are describing the most Mac version of notepad. Having the best notes app means you can type faster without any mistakes and store your notes on your computer.

Notes depend on the field user working they may belong to a student or an employee working in an office or home individual or a news reporter. But people always get confused at the time of searching for the best notes app for Mac computers that can fulfill their requirements.

In this post, you’ll get the best notes app and a brief discussion of why that is the best?

The Best Notepad For Mac

The best note app for mac is “TopXNotes.” It has assorted excellent features like password protection and sync(shared) with multiple Apple devices. TopXNotes is a Mac version of notepad from Tropic4, which has diverse features including save and structuring all your user data in the right order. It works with most of all Mac OS including OS 10.12 Sierra and Yosemite 10.11.6.

TopXNotes can share with your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on the go to keep you updated. It also works as a password protector. What other benefits are having TopXNotes than taking notes, password protection, and how to use it, all are briefly explained below.

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Pro Features of TopXNotes Notepad

1) Easy-open 4 different windows on the right side of TopXNotes which you have written concomitantly.

2) You can also increase or decrease the number of windows by clicking on the ‘Close View’ or ‘Add View’ button. The button is on the lower right corner of each window on Mac OS.

3) On the left side of the screen there is a Name feature to structure your notes. This feature can classify into 3-types consisting of Content, Categories, and Index.

4) One more Windows’s size-changing is also Possible => Click on the Windows right side corner to open at the time of dragging it.

Best Notepad For Mac

5) Under the top menu => Click on the ‘New Note’ button to create New Notes.

6) TopXNotes also have templates to open got to =>  Notes section => select templates. Here is two option of using templates:

  • Pre-made = to instant use.
  • Custom = create as your needs.

The Best Text Editor Notepad for Mac users

7) As we said TopXNotes can be protected by a password. To enable press the ‘LOCK’ image. Now you’ll get a note saying “protect in the top menu and can set a password”. If you’ve enabled it now no one else can open them.

8) The most useful Sync feature is also found at the extreme top of the menu to Sync our devices like – iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with TopXNotes.

9) The format bar is also found at the top of each note that helps us in the selection of ‘Font for your words’.

10) This font also can change the background of the window. So now we can have different highlight colors for every window.

11) And with a single click on the category button, we can add any chosen window to our wished category. To get the category button = > go to the lower left side of the window. It’s your choice would you like to create a new category or choose from an already created one.

No Suspense! TopXNotes is a useful notepad for Mac. It keeps all your work in series including password protected. The cost of TopXNotes is only $40. And it’s a sensible price for this software having such functionality.

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