Protection Capabilities of the HONOR X9b

Protection Capabilities of the HONOR X9b: As you look to buy HONOR X9b as your next device, you must understand that the phone does not only have features that provide functions for the user. The manufacturer of the phone also has made sure that the phone has protection capabilities in order to keep the user and the phone itself safe with repetitive use. What are these protection features? Read more to find out.

Protection Capabilities of the HONOR X9b

What are the Protection Capabilities of the HONOR X9b?

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1) It protects itself 

The best feature that you can get if you buy HONOR X9b right now is its ability to protect itself. How? HONOR designed the X9b to have a three-layer protection, namely, the single point reinforcement protection, the deep seal protection, and the wraparound cushioning of the device. These layers ensure that the screen, frame, and internal compartments of the phone are completely protected. The pores of the cushioning material, particularly, have the ability to reduce the impact force of the drop by up to 1.2 times. 

How is this good for you? With this protection setup, you can rest assured that any angles that you drop the phone will result in the same way- a fully functional and protected device.

To assure you of this feature, HONOR has asked SGS to certify the drop resistance capability of this device. The HONOR X9b has been given 5-star certification by the SGS from Switzerland. 

Knowing this also, you are also rid of worrying about ruining its exterior and interior in case you drop the device. It relieves you and makes you focus on the use and utility of the device.

2) It protects the user

The phone also protects the user. A great attribute of HONOR with regard to the treatment of all its devices is its incorporation of eye protection features. This includes the new HONOR X9b. First of all, it has low-risk dimming. This means that it has 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. It also has dynamic dimming. The phone adapts well with the natural light that surrounds the phone so that eye fatigue is lessened. With just these two features, you can rest assured that the usage of this phone reduces the stress that the light puts on your eyes. You can look at your phone more and not have to worry about straining your eyes.

In addition to this, the HONOR X9b also has a Circadian Night Display. It utilizes blue light and color temperature management so that it prevents any ill effects on the secretion of melatonin by the body. You can continue using your phone and keep your body healthy as you tinker with your device.

The phone also has a low blue light. This helps your eyes adjust in order for your sight to not experience any strenuous activities as you look at the screen. 

The fifth eye protection of the HONOR X9b is its automatic brightness adjustment. Even if you are not aware of the settings of the phone, the device will automatically adapt to the brightness of the room so that the display lighting is adjusted. 

All of these features are created to ensure that your eyes are well-protected every time you use the HONOR X9b.

Capabilities of the HONOR X9b

3) Conclusion 

When you are looking for a smartphone, you must also consider the protection capabilities of the phone with regard to its user. You cannot just sacrifice your own well-being just to use your smartphone. You should also rely on the features of the device so that you are protected as well. If you buy HONOr X9b, you can be sure that you will get enough protection for the phone itself and for yourself as well.

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