Quick Check — What are the benefits of Honor Magic Vs?

What are the benefits of Honor Magic Vs

What are the benefits of Honor Magic Vs: Honor Magic Vs launch got a lot of attention from all over the world. The foldable mechanism was wanted in a smartphone. The HONOR Magic Vs smartphone will be available in the worldwide market around the end of 2022. Honor users were enticed by the release of HONOR Magic 5 Vs. The smartphone has a diverse set of capabilities. Magic Vs includes a 5G capability. The 5G network supports all other networks. With a stunning color theme, you are given the nicest glassy look accessible.

The camera lens is of high grade this is why Honor smartphones are quite popular as camera phones. Because of its long-lasting battery, double selfie camera, and other features, the smartphone is great. Further information about HONOR Magic Vs specifications, including its specifications, can be found below.

Noteworthy Features of Magic Vs:

First, we will discuss the glassy display that shines like a mirror. The glass front and black give a classy look to the smartphone. The body look is a noteworthy feature.

The color scheme you are provided is diverse. Magic Vs is available in three colors:

  • Cyan
  • Orange
  • Midnight black
    Based on battery, there are also two types of smartphones.
  • 45000 mAh battery
  • 5000 mAh battery
    Next comes the variants based on the storage it possesses.
  • 256GB pair with 8GB RAM
  • 256GB pair with 12GB RAM
  • 512GB pair with 12GB RAM

The magnificent display of wonderful Vs with elegant, slender bodies is much more than a wonder. The body is 199.5 cm2 in size. A 6.75-inch display is offered in addition to the TFT LCD. The body percentage is 87.9%. The display will astound you and retain everyone’s attention. The screen-to-body ratio is estimated to be 87.9%. The screen’s 720 x 1600 resolution makes it extremely clear and brilliant. Even in low-light circumstances, the screen’s 260 PPI brightness makes it the clearest. The touch of magic vs is smooth because of the efficient refresh rate at 90Hz.

The 5G band, like all prior bands such as 2G, 3G, and 4G, enhances smartphone capabilities. The main benefits of Honor magic are fast internet and software that runs quickly. If we speak about the smartphone’s operating system, you should pay attention since it will stimulate your interest. It runs the latest Android 12 and, in some variants, Android 13 and Magic UI 7.1.
The most recent chipset, the Qualcomm SM8475, and the Snapdragon 8 CPUs are outstanding. The Octa-core Processor ensures high performance. The Vs has a lot of storage and is well-matched with RAM.

The primary camera features a 54-megapixel wide-angle lens. A 50-megapixel camera with two depth settings. The resolution of the two selfie cameras is 16 MP.
The fast charging and long-lasting battery enable voice and video conferencing as well as long-term streaming. The 66 W is in charge of rapid charging. The phone is charged for 85 hours by a non-removable 5000mAh battery.

Final Words:

However, Honor’s foldable smartphone has a lot of benefits. You may use it as a tablet too. The specifications are so good that HONOR Magic vs launch created hype for this smartphone. To be more clear about the specifications you must buy it.

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