Speed up Mac OS X Performance in 10 Simple Steps

Worried about Virtual Machine Performance? These 10 Simple Steps to Speed up Mac OS X Performance in VMware. These steps are also used for VMware Player. If you don’t know about VMware tweaks and their importance, this post will show you the importance of VMware tweaks.

How to Speed up Mac OS X Performance in VMware?

Here is too many options are available to Speed up VMware than VirtualBox.  The following methods can be applied in VMware console mode(not applicable inside guest OS). These two easy can improve virtual machine performance.

Ways to Speed up Mac OS X Performance

  1. Just Configure your Virtual machine in VMware.
  2. Follow the tweaks inside Guest OS (20+ Steps to Speed up Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 Performance).

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10 Steps to Speed up Mac OS X Performance in VM

You can Speed up the performance of your Virtual Machine with help of VMware tweaks. Follow the instruction given below to speed up Mac OS X performance in VM.

1) Check out Hardware Allocation

If your system’s memory size is too small then first-of-all if your computer support then increase the memory size and processor cores for better performance of your guest operating system. Set the allocating memory for your guest user as needy and without considering host usage set processor cores to the maximum.

2) Now Allocate your system’s Disk Space

It’s time to allocate disk space of your guest machine if you freely transfer data from the host machine to the guest. At the time of transferring the data to the guest machine expanding the storage option might slow down your system’s disk performance. Instant need to increase virtual disk size.

How to Speed up Mac OS X Performance in 10 Simple Steps

3) Delete all unworthy Snapshots Now & Speed up Mac OS X

If on your computer you have saved Snapshot on many disks rather than one original file then you must know that more Snapshots contain more disk files and a large number of disk files cover more and more disk space.

For this problem better to delete useless Snapshots and merge them with the original disk file. By this method, you will be able to improve your virtual Machine’s disk performance. More here.

4) Speed up VMware By Defragment Disk File:

We are not going to defragment inside guest OS. We can defragment only the virtual disk files from the VMware console the purpose is to compact and fragment data in the VMDK file. I’m sure this method will save much disk access time.

How to Speed up Mac Performance in 10 Simple Steps

5) Now just install Latest VMware Tools on your Virtual Machine:

If you haven’t installed Latest VMware Tools in your Virtual Machine or in the VM player yet, then it’s time to install the latest VMware tools in both workstations and also in VM Player. Because VMware Tools can speed up the network speed to 1 GB, improve the display performance of VM player, also speed up transferring files between host and guest VM.

Also, it will solve Mouse related issues and work as a Power Booster in the improvement of the virtual machine’s performance. For better performance, VMware always recommends running VM in full screen.

6) How 64Bit OS can Speed up Virtual Machine Performance?

To better understand suppose your Virtual Machine supports 64bit architecture, then you must not install 32Bit software inside guest Operating System. It means if your VM supports 64-bit architecture then you must install 64Bit software in guest OS only. Only 64Bit Guest will give you the best performance in both VMware workstations and also in VM Player.

7) How to Access Virtual Machine via Remote Display?

In my experience accessing to virtual machines via Windows remote desktop is the best way to control guest VM instead of direct console views. By this, you will permit to start your guest OS in headless mode and can easily access it via the remote display. Remote Display will reduce other resources load for both host and guest Virtual machines. For more visit here –

8) How Save and Play Option Can Speed up Virtual Machine Performance?

In VM player save and play option can save you much time instead of shutting down and starting every time. You should save and resume your VMs because resuming VM works faster than starting a VM from the beginning.

9) By Keeping Your Virtual Disk Files in Non-Busy Disks

You can also improve virtual machines’ performance by keeping virtual disks in high-speed physical disks instead of busy disks. Best performing tips for multiple running virtual machines. You must Keep all VMDK files in nonbusy high-speed disks.

10) How to Improve Performance of Virtual Machine From Guest OS

If you are using all the above simple methods you will be able to speed up your Vmware performance inside VM.

In the future, if I’ll get any other option to Speed up VMware in Virtual Machine, I’ll share it with you.

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