3 Best Free Antivirus Reviews of 2021 for Mac and Windows

Best Free Antivirus Reviews 2021: Download Best free Antivirus for your Mac, PC and Smartphones. This is the top rated free antivirus reviews of 2021 for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. According to our survey, a number of modern threats has been launched from Hackers. The defenders of Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 are unable to resist them. Some powerful threats like zero day always attacks without using any third party security suite. But this is very special time for you, to download year best Free Antivirus for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

Year Best Free Antivirus for Mac, Windows PC and Smartphones

Now a days successful names are not safe. A large number of cyber – criminals are increasing day-by-day. Sony hacking spree is one of them recent Hacker group. If you are thinking Cyber-attacks are a simple crime, then it’s time to woke up. Because, the Hackers also stole a lot of confident and personal data from your computer. Some people has started taking active steps for their protection after the revelations about the NSA spying programs. A big group of cyber attacks are in the form of a harmful virus and Malware Software. That they force or offer people to install on their PCs. But the relief giving word is after installed one of the best antivirus on your PC, your pc will be protected.

These free antivirus give guarantee for maximum protection against hackers, nasty virus, malware, spyware and phishing sites. As, no-one want to be theft or hacked but the unhidden word is we use paid services or pay the renewal fees.

3 Best Free Antivirus Reviews for Mac & Windows PC

The special thing is, these top 3 best free Antivirus are able to revolutionizes internet security in 2021 for home and business PCs. In this Article you will get a list of prose and Cons of Top Free Antivirus with their short configuration and free download.

1) Avast 2021

In this year Avast Free Antivirus is trending at top among all internet security solutions. After read this configuration you can easily understand why it is the best free Antivirus program for Windows 10, 8.1 & Windows 7. It’s too easy to install. Its simple UI and very fast virus scan process makes it awesome. Avast has an update menu to download it’s latest updates. After downloaded, updates built in firewall protection that safe users from future cyber-attacks.

This company’s recorded data says, they have been saved more than 300 million PCs, Macs, and Androids since year 2021. As it’s Manual set-up is very easy, any new or old user can easily operate with the help of options given to detect and clean up the malware. There are also best common security tools available, such as Anti-spam, Anti-malware Protection, Safe-zone, Easy Software Updater with a lot of interesting features as given bellow;

  • To clean up your Browser, any point of time from unwanted software – “Browser Clean-up”.
  • To protect your PC here is “Intelligent Antivirus” with new DynaGen technology.
  • It also includes a powerful “Silent Firewall” that 24*7 ready to protect your PC from hackers.

Prose :

  • 100% Free and Easy to install.
  • DNT Option means Do Not Track technology.
  • Quick Verify Spam and unpatched applications.


  • After blocked programs it gets Difficulty during removing the right software.

Get it from here.

2) Avira 2021

The second best free antivirus programs for Windows is Avira 2021. As it’s popularity rate is very high, it also has best security solution to protect PC from harmful virus, spyware, adware(sponsors advertise) with all kind of malware. With awesome scanning speed it has ability to deal with a large number of threats at a time. It’s limited resource of loading time makes easy to load and use any third party applications without any lag. Avira makes sure itself about compatible before installing any new software for your PC, that’s very helpful to avoid crash.

Avira also includes a built apps page like “Avast” in it’s firewall protection but bonus option make it differ. Including child monitoring service Avira allows you to monitor your children’s activity on social networking websites automatically. With help of a warning signs you can prevent your children from drug or alcohol references or depression.

Downside to Avira : It will slow down your PC during scanning if you have a PC with less than stellar specs.

Prose :

  • Ease to install and use.
  • Too Simple UI.
  • Has option to Continuously monitors the PC.
  • Auto and Quick scan for compatibility of software.
  • A little impact on performance of your system.


  • It’s Notifier sends pop-ups frequently.

Get it from here.

3) AVG Free AntiVirus 2021

If you are searching for a heavy hitter Antivirus against malware, then “AVG Antivirus” is right choice for you. But it’s free version is not fully facilitate as for the paid version. The AVG antivirus provides a large array of useful features to their users. This safety tools are useful while surfing on the internet. In few simple clicks user can carry out the operations easily. The smart and simple user both will be fan of it’s advanced settings and good localization.

AVG Antivirus is the superb virus detection engine. It’s true and user – friendly UI sometimes report that some users are facing difficulty navigating around. But, people who are experienced and have better understanding will be happy with AVG Free Antivirus 2021.

Prose :

  • AVG is the best choice for all independent labs.
  • Very fast at the time of removing threats from any malware-infested PC.
  • It has also included DNT(Do Not Track) technology.
  • With PC tuneup analysis tool it may best choice.

Cons: No cons.

In last we highly recommend you to download any one of these 3 Top Rated Free antivirus and install on your computer in this year 2021. Now a days only windows defender is not right choice it can’t fight against all harmful Malware virus and serious threats attacks. Hop this review was helpful for you.

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