Know – How WiFi Connection is Harmful for Humans Health

How WiFi Connection is Harmful to Humans’ Health? Our latest wireless networking technology Wi-Fi is very popular today. But, in research 200 scientists from all over the world have proved that Wi-Fi is very harmful to human life.

As its harmful Radiation may cause Cancer, they have appealed to the United Nations, United Healthcare, and World Health Organization(WHO) to take some useful steps towards safe use of Wi-Fi connections.

What is Wi-Fi Connection?

The Full form of Wi-Fi is – Wireless Fidelity.

More about Wi-Fi Connection – Wi-Fi is a kind of mechanical device that allows other electronic devices to exchange their data wirelessly (without wire) over a computer & Cellphone network.

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Its logo is used by the Wi-fi Alliance for products using the IEEE 802.11 family of standards. Wireless Internet routers or Wi-Fi modems use the most powerful & dangerous electromagnetic radiation to send their signals to our computer through walls.

In 1971, the Hawaiian Islands was the first place that was connected with a UHF wireless packet network.  “ALOHAnet.” And the “ALOHA protocol” were the first forerunners to Ethernet, and after that the IEEE 802.11 protocols respectively.

Now, A lot of cities have been fully connected with Wi-Fi connections. In each country, people are demanding to provide free Wi-Fi connections at their homes, Hospitals, Railway Stations, etc.

How does WiFi Work and How Wi-Fi Connection is Harmful to Humans’ Health?

As we have told you that Wireless Internet routers or Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) modems use Harmful radiation to send their signals to our computer, Tablet, Mobile Phone, and etc through walls.

You Please Think Also that a powerful Wi-Fi device can spread its network connection in the whole city, Railway Station, Corporate Buildings/Offices, Universities, Hospitals, etc. And we easily receive its connection at our home.

How Wi-Fi Connection is Harmful?

Its high electromagnetic radiations affect our body in various areas.

  • Wi-Fi networks can disturb our mind’s cells. As you know our mind’s 90% parts are in liquid form, its electromagnetic radiations can damage them. And people can lose their memory and strength.
  • Wi-Fi connection also can be harmful to our whole body’s tissues and cells. As our body 70% part is full of water its electromagnetic radiations can badly affect our entire parts. If it destroys our tissues and cells in that case our body will not be able to recover from any kinds of ulcers and injuries. And every ulcer may also change into Appendix and Cancer.
  • The Most Shocking report from 200 scientists, all over the world is the dangerous electromagnetic radiations of  Wi-Fi routers and modems are able to change human DNA(Deoxyribonucleic acid).
  • Also, it’s very harmful to children’s growth. It’ll reduce the learning capacity of children. If the people or child live connected with wi-fi connection for a long time they will soon be patients of Depression and another mind-related disease.
Dengerous Wi Fi Connection

The group of 200 Scientists has been submitted their report to the United Nations, United Healthcare, and World Health Organization(WHO) for further action. Here we are not saying you if you use a Wi-Fi connection, the instant you will be a cancer patient. No, long use of Wi-Fi is harmful to our future. Its harmful radiation will destroy our cells and tissues slowly-slowly.

So, we should create pressure on Wi-Fi developers to develop any safe device in the care of human health. To know More about Wi-Fi visit here.

How to Safe use my Wi-Fi Connection at home or Office?

After getting full details about how Wi-Fi Connection is Harmful to Humans Health, you must have a question in your mind that how to safely use my Wi-Fi connection? The answer provided by our researchers are given below not only read but follow carefully and be safe.

  • We should avoid Wi-Fi connection if possible. And should use another medium of internet connection.
  • We should minimum use our Wi-Fi connection.
  • Switch off our Wi-Fi gadgets like modem and Routers after use.
  • We should not miss-use of Wi-Fi connections to reduce its side effects.
  • We should do Yoga and Meditation to avoid its effective radiation.

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Can Yoga and Meditation reduce Wi-Fi’s harmful effects?

People may ask such types of questions. Can Yoga be helpful in reduce of dangerous Wi-Fi electromagnetic radiation? We say Yes, If you do Yoga and Meditation every day on time it will help you to reduce Wi-Fi harmful side effects.

Meditation fills you relax from depression.

And Yoga makes strong your Physic.

And give the power to fight against harmful diseases.

But still, little use of Wi-Fi connection because Wi-Fi Connection is Harmful to Humans Health.

Reduce Wi Fis harmful effects
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